November Spreadelicious: Suited Up, Bundled Up

November is going to arrive soon on our doorstep, and the magazines are prepared with pictorials featuring the celebrities with winter wear. The weather is getting colder, but it does not mean the beauty fall sky is going away soon. Singles, Esquire, and CeCi have courted the actors who have been active on the small screen this year to grace the pages of their magazines. Well, they know what I love and I don’t have any complaint 😉

Choi Woo-shik bundles up for the chilly fall weather in CeCi’s November edition, pairing up with the newbie actress Jang Hee-ryung. Recently seen in two-part special My Fantastic Funeral and Hogu’s Love earlier this year, the actor has received love calls from the film industry after his breakthrough performance in Set Me Free last year, and he’s busy filming Marital Harmony and Busan Bound in the second half of the year.



Esquire nabs the KBS heroes for its November edition: Healer‘s Ji Chang-wook is decked in suits as the cover boy while I Remember You‘s Seo In-guk models the winter collection of Isenberg in the magazine. Ji Chang-wook rides on the popularity wave after the success of Healer, traveling around the world for various endorsements. He will be starring in the movie Fabricated City with Shim Eun-kyung, but who knows, we might be able to see him in another drama soon…hopefully?




Seo In-guk doesn’t seem to have time for rest after wrapping up I Remember You: from overseas filming for Isenberg to fan meeting, this guy sure loves to work! It’s a pity he isn’t paired up with Park Min-young for this pictorial (since she is also endorsing the brand) but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them to do a drama together in the future.










Last but not least, we have another workaholic actor, Joo Won, posing for Singles magazine. He practically lives on the set while filming Yongpal and attended the fan meetings in Singapore and Indonesia after the drama ended its run. I thought he would have some time to rest after the drama, but he has his movie That Guy premiering soon, so that calls for lots of promotion. At least he looks better compared to post-Gaksital, and that suited up look is just perfect.





Credit to: CeCi Korea | Esquire Korea | ISENBERG Blog | Singles Korea |


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