Kim So Eun for Grazia

Kim So-eun trades in her hanbok and dark makeup of Hye-ryung for a softer look in Grazia’s August edition. The actress, currently staring in the Wed-Thu drama Scholar Who Walks the Night, becomes the magazine’s model for European cosmetic brand Siero, portraying different looks of soft smoky makeup trend in the pages of Grazia. She looks lovely in the released pictures, and I can’t thank God enough the drama has finally decided to increase her screen time this week…or I might continue to complain about it!





Source: GRAZIA via naver news


One thought on “Kim So Eun for Grazia

  1. I know right! They’ve got a fantastic actress here and they’re not even utilizing her to the fullest. Kim Soeun looks as good as Lee Junki in saeguk, I’m starting to think she should only do sageuk. It’s sad that when I was watching Scholar, I kept hoping Kim Soeun was Yangsun instead.

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