Byun Yo Han for GEEK July 2015

So I thought that GEEK was going to release the pictorial last week on the date they usually did for previous issue but in the end, they choose to push it until this week. Still, better late than never! He showed the humble side of him through the interview with the magazine, sharing his thoughts on his acting and also his dramas: Ex-Girlfriend Club and Misaeng.

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Park Seo Joon for ONE July 2015

Remember the trip he took to Italy earlier this month? Milan became the runway for Park Seo-joon’s feature in ONE magazine, a new monthly fashion magazine. The outfits kinda make me chuckle because they are so colourful! They’re like bursts of colours following him everywhere to the nook and cranny of the dreamy city. His new movie, Beauty Inside, will hit the big screen this July and it will be Park Seo-joon’s second movie to be released this year after The Chronicles of Evil. 2015 seems to be a lucky year for him and here’s hoping that he will continue his successful streak for the new movie!

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Seo Hyun Jin for Marie Claire July 2015

Yeay for another pictorial! Seo Hyun-jin is laid back in this pictorial for Marie Claire’s July edition, as if she is lazing around on a normal day. Seeing her basking in the sun and chilling on the sofa made me so happy for her, and it’s a great thing that Let’s Eat Season 2 made her name known to the drama viewers. I guess that’s one thing to thank tvn, although I’m still (and will always be!) bitter when they decided to axe Three Musketeers after one season. Hmmmph!

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Scholar Who Walks the Night: Stills and Character Description (Plus Teasers and Posters)

Vampire has become a trend in Kdramaland this year, with Blood and currently airing Orange Marmalade giving us a taste of the Kdrama vampires. Scholar Who Walks the Night will take the trend to fictional Joseon this July, and more news has came out as MBC prepares for the drama premiere. This is also another adaptation of manhwa of the same title so expectation is high for the series to come out well.

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Seo Hyun Jin for InStyle July 2015

Seo Hyun-jin is finally getting the limelight she deserves after starring in Let’s Eat Season 2 and here, she is dolled up for Instyle’s July issue. I couldn’t recognize her at first because of the short wig, but she does look like a doll! Is it too much to ask for more shots? Well, I hope they will keep ’em coming!

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