Ji Sung for GEEK

Remember the trip he made to Hawaii earlier this month to shoot a pictorial? Be very excited, as GEEK has finally released the shots! Ji Sung covers GEEK’s June edition, flashing his washboard abs. Happy browsing and ogling!





Source: naver via GEEK | GEEK Facebook


11 thoughts on “Ji Sung for GEEK

  1. Those abs….. lucky Lee Bo Young gets to see them everyday. And he looks good in tan. Think I have to take a cold shower now…. anyway, praying for the save delivery of Bobe! Lucky Bobe to have such individually acclaimed and beloved actors as parents.

  2. Mmmm…. Ji Sung is really the epitome of man aging gracefully and beautifully. What a hot ajusshi.

  3. for me, this is, by far, the best photo shoot Jisung has ever done as it was able to showcase his raw appeal (gosh, summer’s just got hotter!)
    having said that, i so love the top photo the most. hope they upload HD versions soon. 🙂

  4. Ji Sung is one sexy married man with a whole lot of hunk… He have done a lot of sexy photo shoot but this is the hottest of the hottest with chest and abs flashing everywhere…. This kind and beautiful talented man, support him forever….. His wife very lucky….

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