Kim Sa Rang and Joo Jin Mo for ELLE

Leads of the upcoming Fri-Sat drama Beloved Eundong are featured in the June edition of ELLE magazine, as the drama gears up for its premiere next week. The drama will be Kim Sa-rang’s first drama in four years since Secret Garden, while Joo Jin-mo is heading to cable channel after Empress Ki. Both of them are lovely and poised in the pictorial and I am welcoming the tradition of having jtbc’s drama leads doing pictorial to promote the drama!




The drama also stars Baek Sung-hyun and Yoon So-hee as the titular Eun-ho and Eun-dong in their 20s, while GOT7’s Jr. and Lee Ji-eun will portray the main characters in their teens. Kim Yoo-ri and Kim Tae-hoon are starring too. Check out the posters and teasers of the drama!

beloved eundong 1

beloved eundong 2

Teaser 1

Teaser 2 (Comrades: Almost a Love Story homage)

Teaser 3 (In the Mood for Love)

The second and third teasers paid homage to classic Hong Kong films starring Maggie Cheung: Comrades and In the Mood for Love, and I wish Kim Sa-rang and Joo Jin-mo can have another pictorial with the same concept as the teasers! I mean, just look at these pictures!




Beloved Eundong will take over the slot after Falling for Innocence wraps up this week and the interview will be included in the magazine as well posted on the official website of ELLE Korea.

(Credit to ELLE and jtbc )

5 thoughts on “Kim Sa Rang and Joo Jin Mo for ELLE

      1. That is so true! I’ve seen all of his dramas and just about every movie! While Goong was semi-happy, his character was so stoic. I am King, his character was fun half of the time and that is the only role I’ve seen him like that. We will soon find out!!

  1. Why is it that he does not have twitter, nor facebook? His cafe web only Korean language. Ughhhhhhhhh fire his assistant! lol just playing…. I want more Joon Jin Mo! JJM!Where are you Oppa?!?!?! 당신은 오빠 어디 ?!?!?!

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