Kill Me, Heal Me – Goodbye, Se-gi…

Press play and scroll down.

Segi1 Segi2 Segi3 Segi4 Segi5 Segi6 Segi7

(Credit to 이히럇 @ DC Kill Me Heal Me gallery)

30 thoughts on “Kill Me, Heal Me – Goodbye, Se-gi…

  1. THIS is basically why Se Ginwas my favourite and why Inloved him so much.

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop crying when I think about him. He might be my favourite drama character ever.

  2. Oh wow. Plugged in my earphones, pressed play, scrolled down and the pace of the music was just right; the song ended right when I finished. The feelssssss. Thanks for posting this ! ^^

  3. OMG OMG OMG Thanks so much for finding and posting and translating.
    I just scrolled and cried and scrolled and cried and now I still crying.
    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful story and such awesome characters.

    You know it’s almost mythical – Segi being a pure soul born from tragedy who’s sole purpose is to protect one girl.

    I am glad this is here so I can come back anytime and scroll and cry.

    That string connecting them – what genius! And the red. OMG.

  4. Having the song as background and scrolling down and reading the comic strip.. the feel is awesome… it may not topple Healer’s crown, but it’s definitely one that come close to being my favourite.

    I’ve not watched the 2 leads before and I really liked how Ji Sung portrayed all the characters. Each has it’s own distinct characteristics and none of them felt forced. Considering the time he had to prepare, I must say it is more than just a “well-done”.

    I’m watching KMHM rerun right after I finished and I think it may take me many rounds before I will be able to say goodbye to the drama.

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