Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 1

Leading the pack of new dramas in 2015 is MBC’s Wed-Thu miniseries, Kill Me, Heal Me. Everyone is probably aware of the drama behind the drama of this show, but what happened might be for the better. I can’t help but to think that everything feels right with the cast, and the writer’s previous works pre-The Moon that Embraces the Sun give me some hope that it can continue with the right momentum until the end. Hook, line, and sinker…or in Kill Me, Heal Me‘s style: catch me, save me, and love me..please?

[Episode 1]

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000026391 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000035942

 A man was having a cut and paste session by himself but rather than the mysterious man in the dark, the materials he were collecting were the focus for now: various newspaper clippings and cuts about the family members of Seungjin Group: Seo Tae-im, Cha Gun-ho, the fatal car accident which killed Seungjin Group’s Chairman Cha Gun-ho and his daughter-in-law President Min Se-yeon, the next in-line to inherit the group Cha Jun-pyo, the mysterious fire that broke out in the family’s mansion, and the heir who was saved from the fire. All the details were put on a big blackboard and the lingering headline threw a question: would the said heir be able to live comfortably after facing the tragedies happening to his immediate family?

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000138664 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000212591

The young heir outgrew himself to become Ji Sung aka our football player, Cha Do-hyun. He was the object of his Korean friend’s jealousy for his perfect self: kind and likable by literally everyone. Oh, before I forgot, we were in a locker room full of American lads, circa Summer 2004. I’m not sure if Do-hyun was just kind or he was someone who couldn’t refuse other people’s request..out of being polite, but he was willing to help out a schoolmate (I assume she was) to pass a document to another mate. His Korean friend thought that the girl was being rude, but yeah, Do-hyun was a little too kind to everyone.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000295377 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000349687

Little did he know that his visit to the mate, known as Jennifer, turned out to be something else, as he walked into the scene of the girl being physically abused by her father. Do-hyun, being the good guy he was, tried to help out, but he only became the next punching bag. Ouch. All the kicks and punches brought back his memories of being abused during childhood and his eyes changed, while he himself tried to comprehend what was happening inside his own mind. The police barged in (albeit too politely) after receiving some complaints from the neighbours, and Jennifer put the blame on Do-hyun for assaulting her. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000417374 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000439341

Do-hyun came back to his empty bachelor’s pad with a voice mail from a certain Secretary Ahn, who had found out about his case with the police. He could only listen to his secretary’s report and went straight to the bathroom. Memories of the earlier assault hit him again and before he could reach for his bottles of medicine, something inside him changed…and his eyes turned purple. Do-hyun seemed to turn into someone else; someone that was more menacing and more dangerous, judging from the finger tapping and the wicked smile.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000575655 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000587252

The bad boy Do-hyun walked through the city of New York and greeted Jennifer’s father with a punch in his face before beating the man into a pulp. He gave the man a warning not to touch his daughter again, and Jennifer mouthed ‘thank you’ from the upstairs. He gave a reassuring smile…and the next thing Do-hyun knew, he woke up in his place with the eyeliner and his blood stained clothes. Not a good way to start the day, but it was for the better, since that was the first time he found out about the monster living inside him.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000700421 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000788673

Ten years later, 2014, Do-hyun had known his other persona so well, enough for him to describe the bad boy side of him to a psychiatrist (cameo by Jung Eun-pyo): his name’s Shin Se-gi (literally meaning ‘New Century’), same age as him, and had a tendency to turn his surrounding into a bloodshed arena. You could tell that the psychiatrist was a scaredy cat, as he grew more uneasy over the course of Do-hyun explaining his split personality condition. Do-hyun’s other self would steal his body without him realizing about it and he would wake up to a place unknown to him (for instance, in the middle of tattoo-making), or have someone he didn’t know recognizing him. Because of that, he would have to suffer some consequences because of something he did not do, like being dunk in water for ignoring a certain shady woman (cameo by Baby VOX’s Kan Mi-yeon).

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000809329 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000847614

Do-hyun had received a diagnosis from a certain Dr. Seok Ho-pil (Schofield?), who ruled his condition as a Dissociative Identity Disorder. The Scaredy Cat Psychiatrist freaked out when he heard Do-hyun describing his other personae, from the violent Se-gi, to the bomb maker Ferry Park and the suicide addict Yo-sub. We couldn’t exactly know how many psychiatrists had turned down his request for treatment like this, but Do-hyun was nevertheless affected to have his hope dashed for the umpteenth time. He wasn’t even sure what would happen to himself and his unknown alter egos.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000910336 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000936145

Secretary Ahn Guk (Choi Won-young with a very bad case of hair styling and in need of immediate makeover) was there by the time Do-hyun went back to his home and he was there to carry out the President’s order, which was to bring Do-hyun back to South Korea for good. Do-hyun was uneasy about it, especially when his was still undergoing secret treatment and he did not really know when his other selves would jump out and take over his body. He was reluctant to go back…

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_000974213 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001047147

…until he woke up on a flight en route to Korea. Looks like someone chose to make the decision for him without his approval, and poor Do-hyun was unable to do anything about it. A friendly man sitting beside him seemed to recognize him but Do-hyun was too busy to notice it. Se-gi had actually left a video message for him, telling Do-hyun that he already took care of everything on his side. Se-gi was even criticizing Do-hyun’s style, but he dressed himself with Do-hyun’s clothes! That was enough to send Do-hyun running towards the arrival gate and trying to book a flight ticket back to New York, but he was greeted by a small group of bodyguards, who were there to escort him home.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001165513 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001166603

A lady arrived at the airport while insisting that she was not the writer called Omega (“or Oscar, whatever he is!”) to a phone call. We’re not formally introduced to her yet but for the sake of clarity, she was Oh Ri-jin (Hwang Jung-eum), who went to the airport with the sole intention of catching someone. She headed straight towards Do-hyun, who thought that she’s another person who recognized him and did not feign ignorance this time, unlike before. Ri-jin launched towards him..but not exactly attacking him, but the person hiding behind him: the friendly guy from the flight earlier.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001192700 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001216769

This friend was Oh Ri-on (Park Seo-joon) and he used the poor Do-hyun as his human shield against Ri-jin, so clueless Do-hyun was stuck between the two fighting siblings. Ri-on pleaded for Do-hyun to help him and being the good guy, Do-hyun tried to talk Ri-jin out of her violence but to no avail. Ri-jin got hold of Ri-on’s ears and she was this close to revealing his pen name but Ri-on managed to drag her away, acting like Ri-jin was his sick little sister who escaped from the hospital. Do-hyun looked a little apologetic towards Ri-jin but for now, he’s got a bigger issue to deal with.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001265979 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001348068

Ri-jin was still angry at her older brother, Ri-on, for using their family to remain anonymous, but he argued that it was the reason why he became successful in his writing career. He defended his weird pseudonym Omega, because he loved Omega-3 so much. Not sure if he was talking about the title of his latest novel or the fatty acid, but hopefully he’s not some kind of fish oil addict. Ri-on went on to talk about their twins status and the possibility of being separated at birth of they were born in Joseon Dynasty, but that too advanced into another endless bickering of these two.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001383957 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001463332

They arrived at the hospital and Ri-on coaxed his sister to endure her hospital life well and to remember that they would always be together in their hearts. Pffft. Ri-jin had enough of his sugar-coated words and went to greet an alcohol-dependent patient who just arrived on ambulance and we finally got to see the white coat underneath her winter coat. Our Ri-jin was actually a psychiatrist; to be exact, the first year resident psychiatrist at Kanghan Hospital (aka Strong Hospital).

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001504401 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001606757

The alcoholic patient caused a ruckus inside the ward, refusing to let his stomach pumped and threatening the staff with an IV pole. Ri-jin tried to talk him out by offering to treat him with alcohol,  but she was actually looking for a chance to grab the man and pin him to the ground before sedating him. It seemed to be a normal occurrence in the hospital, and Ri-on, having witnessed the whole scene, was only sighing with a noticeable amount of love for his cool little sister. Did I see his eyes twinkle for a moment there?

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001653382 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001835351

Ri-on went back to his car and started to sing to himself while digging through his bag. Among his belongings were the news clippings of Do-hyun neatly arranged in a clear folder. So I was right about him knowing Do-hyun! As for Do-hyun himself, he arrived at Seungjin Group’s mansion but greeted with an argument between the two women of the house: his grandmother, Chairman Seo Tae-im (Kim Young-ae) and his birth mother, Madam Shin Hwa-ran (Shim Hye-jin). Mdm. Shin was eager to know about someone’s whereabouts from Chairman Seo, who had successfully hid the person in a nursery home at an unknown location. They were too engrossed in their argument and did not realize that Do-hyun was there, but he only bowed obediently without saying anything.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001896055 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_001922971

They sat around a table laden with lavish meal and Do-hyun was pampered by his mother, but his grandma did not wait for too long to discuss about his requests in return for him going back for good. Do-hyun finally learned about what Se-gi was talking about in the video earlier: he asked for a high position in the group and a 5% stock under his name, but Chairman Seo made him the Vice-President of ID Entertainment, a company under Sungjin Group and promised to transfer  0.5% of the group’s share under his name on his birthday for his hard work at the company. Mdm. Shin was too busy arguing that Do-hyun shouldn’t be put to work under ‘Ki-joon’ since he was the group’s heir, leaving no space for her son to even say a complete sentence. He must had lost all his appetite by then.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002118548 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002167022

Se-gi was very smart as he requested for Do-hyun to stay in a separate place by himself, and it turned out that he asked it all through a video call with Chairman Seo. That’s scary. Do-hyun was worried that something would happen later. Secretary Ahn vowed to do anything to help him, but a call interrupted their conversation. It was Cha Ki-joon (Oh Min-suk), Do-hyun’s direct superior and cousin, inviting him for a drink later that night. Although he seemed friendly, his exchange with his daddy dearest, Cha Young-pyo (Kim Il-woo), suggested that he might be a hungry wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002206047 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002273791

Secretary Ahn warned Do-hyun about Ki-joon and his scattering eyes, meaning that he’s capable of finding out everything about Do-hyun, so getting treated in a hospital was a no-no for the time being. Do-hyun requested for Secretary Ahn to find where his psychiatrist from before, Dr. Seok (Go Chang-suk)…and the doctor worked at the same hospital as Ri-jin. He was also her professor and questioned her about a patient named Heo Suk-hee (Husky?) on their way to check on the patient, but the patient had escaped to a ‘paradise of communicating through vibrating music, shining lights, and dancing’. Dr. Seok left in a huff and Ri-jin was chided by her supervisor, Dr Park (finally, Lee Shi-un in a role that compliment his good looks!).

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002476446 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002547334

Patient Suk-hee was possibly heading to Paradise Club, where Do-hyun was set to meet Ki-joon for their drinking session; however, Secretary Ahn thought that Do-hyun shouldn’t be drinking to avoid any unfortunate incident from happening, especially when he’s around Ki-joon. The private drinking session was not really private at all, since Ki-joon had invited a whole team to join them. Humm..going out strong against your rival, son? He sent the team out to have some fun after introducing Do-hyun to them and kept teasing Do-hyun about his good boy image when the latter opted for a glass of plain water instead of some booze. The celebration was not only for him as the company was also welcoming the new Art Director, someone whom Do-hyun knew too well. Ki-joon might be aware of Do-hyun being affected by Han Chae-yeon (Kim Yoo-ri)’s presence too…

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002640960 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002743114

Ri-jin was hunting down Suk-hee with Ri-on’s help and the first step was no other than tracking the patient’s phone, only to be led back to the ward. The patient was smart, knowing exactly what would happen, but a text on the phone gave a hint to Ri-jin about where the paradise was..

Do-hyun was being cornered about talks regarding his love life, and Ki-joon did not hesitate to remind him of his crush towards Chae-yeon. Ahhhh don’t torture him! She wanted to know who his crush was but they were interrupted by their colleagues, inviting them to grace the dance floor. Do-hyun opted to stay out of the crowded floor and reminisced the day he was supposed to meet Chae-yeon back in the US, but had to hide himself after being doused with water by the shady woman.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002847526 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_002944476

His time alone was interrupted by an overly friendly lady (Kim Seul-gi!!), who could tell that he was a lonely soul with a scarred heart, just like a mind reader. She introduced herself as the psychiatrist Heo Suk-hee, but Do-hyun politely rejected her name card. Suk-hee suddenly spotted Ri-jin among the crowd and pleaded for Do-hyun to help her with the escapee Ri-jin, while Do-hyun recognized Ri-jin as the sick lady at the airport earlier. He’s mistaking her as a mentally ill patient, and Ri-jin’s hyper self only made Do-hyun more eager to stop her and make her calm down. She had enough of his interference and threw him onto the floor, judo style.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003070117 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003136892

That was enough of a trigger for Do-hyun, as he started to experience intense headache. He escaped to the washroom and Ri-jin had to choose Suk-hee over her worry over Do-hyun. Although he tried to take his medicine, he failed to do so and soon passed out for a moment, before drumming his fingers and growing a red tattoo on his neck. His eyes turned purple…and this had to be Se-gi, because the first thing he did was to complain about the tacky clothes he’s wearing at that moment. A guy smudged his eyeliner when Se-gi slammed the door and Se-gi seemed to fancy his earring.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003184574 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003188701

The next thing we know, Se-gi was making his way out of the noisy club in the guy’s studded leather jacket and earring, complete with eyeliner. He passed by Ki-joon, who seemed surprised to see the bad boy version of Do-hyun. He was actually amused to find out that his perfect cousin was hiding a different side of him. The Jacket Guy called his gang out to find Se-gi, because he hid some ecstasy in the jacket.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003300304 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003307253

Ri-jin managed to catch Suk-hee and put her on the ambulance, but she couldn’t ignore Do-hyun after what she saw earlier. She went back towards the club but Se-gi stopped her. Thinking that he’s Do-hyun, Ri-jin was slightly taken aback to see him in a different set of clothing, but Se-gi grabbed her arm and looked intensely at the ticking clock…


Se-gi: Remember…7th January 2015, at 10 PM the moment I fell for you.

Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003479244 Kill.Me.Heal.Me.E01.150107.HDTV.H264.450p-LIMO.avi_003548417

Time seem to freeze at the moment and the two of them stared into each other’s eyes…before Ri-jin guffawed at the extremely cheesy line. But then, she could not help but to wonder what made him say so…and guessed it right: he fell for her rough moves. LMAO! I would have the same reaction as Ri-jin, who screamed upon hearing his confession, but they were interrupted by a bike gang surrounding the area, clearly trying to go against Se-gi. Ri-jin’s thoughts were to die for: the ever-changing scenes made her wonder if she was in a rom-com, action, erotic, or bromance movie. Pwahahaha! Jacket Guy told Se-gi to take off the jacket but Se-gi refused to do so and opted for a fight.


The crowd went wild inside the club as the fight got more intense outside, but Se-gi managed to defeat them all. He walked calmly towards Ri-jin but Jacket Guy managed to hit Se-gi’s head. Se-gi didn’t fall down and grinned wickedly at his opponent…

[END of Episode 1]

I have to admit that I regretted checking out the drama yesterday, because I did not expect to fall in love this fast with the show! The introduction part was a bit boring but once the story focused on Do-hyun, my interest was piqued. I’m sure that I am not the only person who feels like hugging Do-hyun and comforting his inner demons, because he really needs one. I have an inkling on what might have happened to him when he was young, but I will let the story unfold first instead of torturing my mind with all the possibilities. Maybe the guessing games can start properly after the fourth episodes, since we will have more clues by then.

The Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) portrayed in this drama might not be entirely correct and it is tailored to fit the plot, with sufficient dramatization and special effects. We are shown how much Do-hyun has to endure with multiple personae living inside him and it might be worse for a real patient, who is possibly still fumbling around trying to find what is wrong with his own self. Mental illness is not something to be taken lightly as it is as deadly as any physical disease, and if the dramas can spark someone’s interest regarding the illness, I think that the drama has succeeded to promote some awareness about our mental health. I’m all for learning more things through dramas!

Serious talks aside, this show is chock full of punny names that I’m sure I’ll miss one or two of them, so feel free to remind me of any that I have missed! We have Dr Origin, Mr Orion, Mr New Century, Dr Schofield (probably a reference to Dr Frank Schofield, but he was a veterinarian), and Miss Huskey so far, and I expect to see more of them in the near future. Lots of things to look forward to, and I’m here, patiently waiting for new episodes…


17 thoughts on “Kill Me, Heal Me – Episode 1

  1. Great work! I regret checking it as well because exams are approaching and instead of studying i spent the day watching the two episodes and writing about them 😛 And it seems like tomorrow i won’t study until i post reviews about the two episodes and an overall first impressions article which is ready, but i want to post them all together lol. And it was indeed far better than expected! I’m really looking forward to the varying interactions of Do Hyun’s many personalities with all the people around him since for every personality a different reaction will be unfolding itself towards all these people. He’s already shown part of his claws and it’s only the beginning! It’s going to be hell on earth with the other ones coming to the surface! It’s a tough and multifaceted role, but i don’t think Ji Sung will have any problem. I like how all the characters in this drama have a distinctive air, whether they’re good or bad. There are too many dramas lately dealing with not just medical but specifically mental issues, heart to heart too and jekyll in the near future, it must be the It’s OK, that’s Love effect 😛 I like the comic-like and kind of supernatural-seeming approach on Do Hyun’s character, it makes his inner selves more distinctive when they appear and such a character could work better in a comic-like vein. It brings forth a Batman/butler Alfred aura/syndrome, traumatic childhood, secretary Ahn Gook helping him all the time, the base-like apartment to maintain his other selves, etc, with the difference that Do Hyun throughout the story is the main hero and the his greatest villain at the same time. Found the punny names quite interesting as well! OK, i ranted out, soul 😀

    1. LOL Thank you so much for the rants, fellow drama addict’s soul! 😉
      Ji Sung is nailing it and just like what he joked before, he should be paid sevenfold for portraying seven distinct personalities! As much as I love all the meta and the puns, I am kinda sad for his other personae, like Se-gi who wanted to get rid of Do-hyun himself, but just like what Do-hyn said, they won’t be alive if he’s dead. For now, I am team Do-hyun agaisnt his inner demons!
      Oh, the effects when the changes take place might be comic-like just like you said, but it was a fun addition to the drama and a good way to give us the clues which persona he has changed to. I have to start taking notes so that I won’t miss anything~

      Do-hyun and Secretary Ahn..Batman and Alfred..wait, Se-gi does give off the vibe of a superhero, albeit a cunning one…

      1. Haha! Indeed he would deserve it 😛 Same here, i am team Do Hyun too for now, altough Se Gi outside the club and at the hospital offered brave doses of laughter 😛 About the fact that they won’t be alive if he’s dead it’s sad indeed, it would be the utmost level for Do Hyun to stop all these personalities, i think the suicidal self will push towards that direction, but it would be another man’s doing. Oh yeah! I think i will have to start taking notes myself as well, so far with just two episodes there was a manageable amount of information overload, but i’m afraid in the future we’ll get even more so that we’ll have to right down a few things 😛 And i’m really looking forward to the past events that made all these personalities o.o So far it’s purple for Se Gi and yellowish for Ferry Park, could it be that they’ll give him the seven colors of the rainbow? XD one for each personality XD actually i wasn’t sure about which colors it has except for the basic ones and it has indigo and violet, which one was the one for Se Gi? Got confused, but i think i’ll vote for violet.

        Ah, did i mention that i love the hysterical Oh Ri Jin? 😀

        These dramas are the best gift to a dramaland citizen’s eyes, you expect something but nothing in particular because you don’t know exactly what to expect, but what you find is much more than that 😀

        1. I hope he won’t even have to even consider that option, because it will be too much for me to handle 😦 I think the suicidal self is more on killing himself so that he can escape the tiring life, not really about putting the alternate personalities to rest…but God forbids the suicide addict from finding out that Do-hyun does wish to die…because isn’t that enough of a concrete reason for him to overtake Do-hyun (just like what Se-gi is doing) to make his wish come true?

          Recapping makes me pay attention to the details, so that’s why I decided to write about KMHM! The past events are getting interesting too, especially with regard to Do-hyun’s parents. About Do-hyun’s eye colour changes, that’s a great theory! I did a quick search and it is possible, since violet is associated with “sorrow, removing obstacles, and overcoming depression”. It matches with Se-gi’s tendency to correct all the wrong/unfair things in Do-hyun’s stead. As for Perry/Ferry Park, his golden/yellow eyes can be due to his “creative side”, so that makes him a bomb maker? LOL! We have to compare notes every week!

          Ri-jin is my spirit kdrama character. Hwang Jung-eum is not afraid to make herself ugly if it serve a purpose for her character. She can survive any Hair-pocalypse and come back unscathed.

          AGREE~! It’s a nice surprise after all! 😀

        2. Yep, it will be indeed to much to handle so i really do hope the drama will have a somehow happy ending, or at least a releasing one. Based on Orion’s thoughts concerning Jekyll and Hyde while Origin was connecting his thoughts to Se Gi’s words, i reached a conclusion. Do Hyun was making a different persona for each traumatic event in the past, Se Gi when he was getting hurt by the figure raising his arm to hit him, he was young and he couldn’t resist, so he made the badass Se Gi, a figure that would fight back. And i’m pretty sure there were times he wanted to kill himself in the past, so he made up the suicidal self in order not to hurt himself. As for the bomber, he must have something to do with the fire incident in the past.
          Yes! Recapping indeed makes you pay more attention and sometimes we might be giving more depth in the drama due to overthinking XD But still, it’s our opinion and with more thought the drama becomes more coherent in our mind 😛 Nice addition about the meaning behind the colors and paces really well with the characters so far!!! Yeah, it would be fun to exchange thoughts since we’re about to dive deeper in the forthcoming episodes 😛 I don’t want the exams to come starting on the 22nd of January though 😦 I will fall back :/

          Origin is awesome, i’ve already fallen for her hysterical character! I think i will start fanboying and i don’t wanna do that lol! Totally agree that she’s not afraid to make herself look ugly when it comes to a role, she’s one of the most respectable actresses for me! Hair-pocalypse 😛

        3. Do Hyun was making a different persona for each traumatic event in the past

          This is one interesting theory! All the things that happened to him only made the fire inside him become stronger. I wonder if he’s repressing his memories of the past just to protect himself, but that causes himself to be split into different personalities. This is because of what Se-gi mentioned to Dr Seok, about preventing Do-hyun from remembering the past…Maybe if he decides to embrace his dark past and all his fears, he will be able to control his emotions and prevent his inner demons from taking control over his body? Hahaha so many theories!

          Awww don’t worry, concentrate on your exam first! Think about the aftermath: we can spazz freely, at least until the next exam come 😛 I’m going to be away next week so all the recaps and discussions have to wait. Huhuhu.

          Go on and fanboy to your heart’s content! I will support you as a fangirl! XD

        4. I’m trying to write about Valid Love but i fail so much, there’s only KMHM in my brain. Yeah, something like that, he tries to keep all the memories buried deep inside and the more he was digging to hide them the more personalities were appearing. He will probably have to face his past and along with the truth, for every portion of truth reflecting to each personality eventually he will have to face all of his personalities while staring them straight to the eyes. There won’t be halfway solutions.

          Yush, the aftermath will be relentless spazzing lol the exams are from the 22nd of Jan up to the 7th of Feb. Dramaless moments are tough! Hope you will have a good time though, because i won’t be having one while stu-dying 😀

          OK, i will do so but don’t you dare leave me out of your drama sight XD

        5. He has to face all those inner demons of him properly before he can control them. Fighting, Do-hyun!

          Ohhhh so you’re going to disappear for more than two weeks?! T^T Be sure to do your best with your exams and come back to spazz with me, full force! Promise? 😉

        6. I’ll try not to, something like, stu-dying by day, recapping by night, but not to a wide extent because i would die 😀 Thanks a lot! Hell yeah! I promise! 🙂 We’re going to spazz as if there’s no tomorrow 😀

  2. OMG thank you so much for this recap!! I watched KMHM the past weekend and apparently the subs that I got was bad (or rather incomplete (still love you dear subbers!)) so I missed quite a lot of things essential to the main plot. That being said, I was ready for the show to not make any sense but I’ll stick to it just because of the plain hilarity of things. And 7 Ji Sungs cmon. Aaaaand with Hwang Jung Eum at that. Sorry my bias is showing.

    Seriously though, I think this could be a crack drama with hopefully more story and heart into it. I am starting to feel for Do Hyun and his condition, it’s definitely not easy to have ‘someone else’ inside your body, let alone 6 of them (7 personalities including Do Hyun am I right?).

    I am really excited to meet the other personalities. I’m hoping we’re in to a roller coaster but very very fun ride with KMHM 😀

    1. Don’t worry about being biased, we’re here to celebrate all the biases we have for the show! (Can’t you tell that I’m being hyper right now?!)

      I feel that this is on a crack level for me, because Do-hyun stole my heart from the get go! He leads a very difficult life and yes, he has 7 different personalities including his main one (aka Do-hyun).

      It is so going to be a roller coaster of feels for this one! Maybe we should prepare ourselves with something like “How NOT to Fall in Love with Seven Different Ji Sungs”….

  3. Thank you for your hard work.
    What do u think about DH’s sentence when he meet the Abigail girl? Did he said “What’s up, baby?” Or “What’s up, Abby?”.
    He is too kind to be flirty calling his friend baby.
    The US kids are just like in Heirs.

    1. Hi! You’re welcome, and thanks for dropping by 😉
      I think it sounded more like Abby than baby to me, but it’s kinda hilarious since people thought that the writer was just referring to Heirs. Hehehe!

  4. Major work to do AT WORK – and I stopped to watch the first episode – I’m hook – and glad to have a more serious drama on today’s mental illness – we all have some degree of mental illness (depression, bipolar, etc.) NOW TO DO MY JOB!! Trying not to read the episode 2 recaps.

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