November Spreadelicious: Super Rookies

They are not really rookies anymore since their names are widely known among the drama viewers, so the caption used by one of the magazines is fitting: Super Rookies! These people are just waiting for the right moment for them to ‘graduate’ into leads (except for some of them, who already grabbed the chance) but no worries, I am willing to wait a little longer for their breakout projects! After all, I’m a bit reluctant to lose these awesome sidekicks in dramas..

Yoon Hyun-min (Discovery of Romance, Witch’s Romance) is selling the kitten in exchange for your soul in the November edition of Vogue Girl.

yoonhyunmin+voguegirl+nov14+1 yoonhyunmin+voguegirl+nov14+2

Can I have both?

He will be reuniting with his co-star in Discovery of Romance, Kim Seul-gi, for a couple pictorial in CeCi. Although I’m slightly upset that only one (ONE!) picture has been released to the press, I am willing to forgive them because the picture is darn cute! EDIT: Cute is an understatement. These are uber cute!!

image image image image image imageLooks like CeCi is gathering the young, up-and-coming, rising stars in the acting department, since Choi Woo-shik (Pride and Prejudice, Fated to Love You) and Yoon Park (What’s With This Family) are paired for another feature in the November edition of CeCi. These two are close friends, plus they are both under JYP Entertainment. That’s one new thing I learn today!

cws+yp+ceci+nov14+1 cws+yp+ceci+nov14+2

Breaking News: Yeon Woo-jin (Marriage, Not Dating) is holding the world in his hands for Nylon magazine. He’s no longer a rookie but still…I just want to have an excuse to include him here. Hehehehehe~

yeonwoojin+nylon+nov14_1 yeonwoojin+nylon+nov14_2 yeonwoojin+nylon+nov14_3

These shots of Kyung Soo-jin (Plus Nine Boys) for Grazia highlight her charming yet edgy look, but the black and white photos remind me of her ‘black bride’ pictorial for Arena Homme+ back in September. Well, if I have to choose, my money is on the black bride look, although she is stunning in white dress too~


Credit to: Grazia, Nylon, and Vogue Girl via naver | CeCi

*I’m on a lookout for several other pictorials, so stay tuned for updates!

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