Jang Dong Yoon – NYLON November 2018 Interview

Every opportunity comes knocking on the door without any warning, but for Jang Dong-yoon, this opportunity is even more special to him.

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March Spreadelicious: Favourites

Because there’s nothing better than looking at the pictures of your favourite people on a lazy Sunday morning. And hey, it’s already March!

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December Spreadelicious: A Bit of Everything

Now that the December pictorials for the magazines are slowly being released to the Korean media, it finally hit me that 2014 is really ending soon. This year surely has its ups and downs for everyone, but it’s ending soon! I’m happy to see that the magazines are featuring a handful of actors and actresses for the final edition of the year, because what’s better than spending your time peering at their beautiful faces?

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November Spreadelicious: Super Rookies

They are not really rookies anymore since their names are widely known among the drama viewers, so the caption used by one of the magazines is fitting: Super Rookies! These people are just waiting for the right moment for them to ‘graduate’ into leads (except for some of them, who already grabbed the chance) but no worries, I am willing to wait a little longer for their breakout projects! After all, I’m a bit reluctant to lose these awesome sidekicks in dramas..

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June Spreadelicious: The Darlings’ Edition

I’m loving June because so far, I feel so happy to see the celebrities featured in the magazines for next month! Plus, two of my girl crushes are also included~ What’s better than a summer spent outside wearing vibrant clothes and enjoying the heat under the sun? Kyaaaaah my darlings!

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