November Spreadelicious: Super Rookies

They are not really rookies anymore since their names are widely known among the drama viewers, so the caption used by one of the magazines is fitting: Super Rookies! These people are just waiting for the right moment for them to ‘graduate’ into leads (except for some of them, who already grabbed the chance) but no worries, I am willing to wait a little longer for their breakout projects! After all, I’m a bit reluctant to lose these awesome sidekicks in dramas..

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October Spreadelicious: Yeon Woo Jin

Riding his popularity in Marriage Not Dating, Yeon Woo-jin further spreads his charms outside the small screen through several magazine features. Gong Ki-tae’s tale might have ended, but this guy still has a lot of things to do, now that his name is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Give this man a lot of fun roles, please!

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September Spreadelicious: Girl Crushes

If the actors are taking turns to serve in the army, the actresses I usually see on dramas are also disappearing, mostly making their debut on the big screen. But the entertainment market has no time to rest and new faces are appearing in dramas. I don’t have that many favourite actresses on my list but one thing I know, I like to see these three young stars in their dramas. It might be a coincidence that they are all dressed in white and pastels for their September pictorials 😉

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Flower Boys Next Door – Vogue Girl April 2013

VOGUE girl isn’t going to let me forget Flower Boy Next Door anytime soon. The magazine took some of the boys outside to enjoy the sun but sadly, only three of them are present in the pictorial for this April. Yoon Si-yoon participates in this colourful photoshoot, together with Mizuta Kouki and Kim Jung-san.



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Flower Boys Next Door – Vogue Girl Feb 2013

Five guys in one photo shoot. Vogue Girl did a good job this time, securing all five hotties in Flower Boy Next Door to be featured in its February edition. Is this an early Valentine gift for a single girl like me? Well, I must be lucky. Heeee

voguegirl+feb13+1The most important thing is…Yoon Si-yoon, you’re mine! Hehehehe

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