Temptation: Episode 3

This drama is beautiful. The colours remind me of an Instagram filter, setting the drama different from others. Maybe it’s just me, but the bluish hue suits perfectly with the tone and the characters of the drama, since all of them are actually raging with internal problems despite their composed exteriors. Despite being symbolized as a colour which can induce calmness, blue is also used to describe depression and bleakness, just like what the characters are going through at this moment.

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August Spreadelicious: A Two-Faced Ji Chang Wook

Same person, different styles. Nowadays it’s not even hard to turn a completely innocent and fresh face into a different look, thanks to the make up, and in this case, the hair extensions. Ji Chang-wook explores both angelic dandy man and devilish beast looks for the magazines, Sure and Arena Homme+’s August editions. Pick your favourite, folks!

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