August Spreadelicious: A Two-Faced Ji Chang Wook

Same person, different styles. Nowadays it’s not even hard to turn a completely innocent and fresh face into a different look, thanks to the make up, and in this case, the hair extensions. Ji Chang-wook explores both angelic dandy man and devilish beast looks for the magazines, Sure and Arena Homme+’s August editions. Pick your favourite, folks!

jichangwook+arena+aug14+1 jichangwook+arena+aug14+2   jichangwook+sure+aug14+1 jichangwook+sure+aug14+3 jichangwook+sure+aug14+5 jichangwook+sure+aug14+6 jichangwook+sure+aug14+2 jichangwook+sure+aug14+4

Sources | ARENA HOMME+ via TVDaily |  SURE |


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