[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 24

Three months passed by and we’re already at the end of the journey that actually spanned more than 15 years, getting to know how money is a dangerous thing to begin with. Money can make some people turn a blind eye to the sight of a nearly dead person but at the same time, money can bring two different people together. Well…it can be regarded as the root of all evil, but if it’s used in the right way, money can bring smile and happiness.




The citizens, probably Se-kwang’s supporters, have started to organize a protest to put the pressure on the prosecutors. Cha-don isn’t scared with the threat as he has another weapon under his belt, that is the program broadcast on his father’s murder. Reporter Go finds out about the program and tries to destroy the recorded tape per Se-kwang’s order, but Jae-in and the production team actually put a show and he’s tricked into believing that the tape is the original one. He’s told to resign and Reporter Go realizes that he’s lost everything.


Se-kwang still thinks he’s at the top of the world, with the law to protect him; however, Cha-don sees the money as his protector, not the law. Ji-hoo finally comes to a decision about the receipt after thinking about the conversation she had with Cha-don. She hands over the Swiss bank transaction receipt to Cha-don, as they are the people who administer the justice and they can’t simply break the law according to their wishes. With the account number, the victory seems to be on the prosecutor’s side.


The program ‘Thirst for Truth’ is being broadcast to the whole country and it’s not easy for Cha-don to watch it, but Jae-in is there to offer her support. The nation is in uproar when the real names of the people who collaborated to hide the truth are disclosed, particularly Se-kwang. Those four criminals witness the disclosure and they’re quite calm, except for Bi-ryung. She realizes that Cha-don is indeed Kang-seok and Se-kwang wasn’t lying to her back then.


Cha-don receives a call while he’s trying to persuade Manager Yoo and the caller turns out to be Bi-ryung. She’s planning to kill Se-kwang but after knowing that Cha-don is the one who cause his fall. Cha-don tells her to go back to the asylum and promises to apply for her parole. Bi-ryung is touched that Cha-don doesn’t want to make her son experiences the same thing that the younger him had before and tells her that he already forgave her.


The day of the trial arrives and Attorney Kwon is still thinking about Hyuk. He’s regretting his greed that caused him to be considered shameful  in front of his own son, plus killing Hyuk in the process. He tells his assistant to prepare something before attending the trial for Se-kwang’s case. Ji-hoo is also there as one of the judges for the case and the account number, as well as  Manager Yoo’s statement, both are considered solid evidence against Se-kwang.


Attorney Kwon receives an envelope containing a gun and he’s determined to use the gun to kill a certain someone, despite his assistant’s plead to think about it again. Ji-hoo meets Se-kwang outside the courtroom but before they can exchange more words, Attorney Kwon comes out from nowhere and shoots Se-kwang. Cha-don manages to stop Attorney Kwon from causing more harm. Se-kwang is sent to the hospital without any escort and Cha-don realizes that he might try to escape.


Cha-don guesses it right as Se-kwang escapes with the assistance of the loyal detective. Maybe it’s his lucky day, since Bi-ryung happens to follow the ambulance after seeing him at the court and takes him away. A search has been started to locate him. Cha-don tries to get Attorney Kwon’s confession of being the one who ordered Cha-don to be killed. His assistant admits it himself, but Attorney Kwon finally confesses his crime and that makes two murder attempts from him: one being Cha-don and the recent one, Se-kwang. He thinks of Hyuk and hopes for his dead son to forgive him.


Se-kwang is hiding with Bi-ryung while he’s getting treatment for his wound, but he’s still weak from the bleeding. Bi-ryung gets a passport to escape to China before returning to the States. However, she requests for another passport to be made, thinking that Se-kwang might leave together with her.


Madam Bok losses her memory again and acts like a little girl, but Jae-in takes care of her patiently even without her father’s presence. Cha-don comes over and Madam Bok suddeny hugs him, crying that she really misses her Ki-nam, who is Jae-in’s father. Cha-don thinks it’s the time to tell Jae-in the truth and he comes clean about the fake gentleman’s identity. She goes to find her father, who’s living among the homeless men in the city. Jae-in wants him to return to their house as her mother needs him. Madam Bok cries at the sight of her husband, asking why he’s so late.


It’s been three days since his escape and Se-kwang regains his consciousness. Bi-ryung tries to knock some senses into him, asking him to follow her to China, but Se-kwang can only think of killing Cha-don. She gives Cha-don a call, with Se-kwang aiming the gun at her. Cha-don gets to know that Se-kwang is with her and she’s acting on his order. Knowing that Cha-don is on his way there, Se-kwang calms down a little and promises to follow Bi-ryung abroad.


Cha-don arrives there alone and Se-kwang is armed with the gun. He’s so mad that the man in front of him destroyed his lifelong dream and shattered the perfect life that he thought he’d be able to have.


Cha-don: You still think it’s all my fault?  The justice of yours is actually greed. If it was real justice, it would have never turned out this way. You weren’t defeated by me; you destroyed yourself. We were not meant to exist in this world; but for me, there’s a chance, an opportunity to reflect on the viscious life I’ve lived. As for you, you let go even the last chance. That’s why you lost, Ji Se-kwang. You can’t be righteous, even until the end.


Se-kwang has had enough of his lecture and pulls the trigger, but there’s no bullets left in gun. It turns out that Bi-ryung has them since she removed them per Cha-don’s request. She pleads him to put an end to the things they did, in between her tears. Suddenly, Bi-ryung spits out blood and starts vomiting more blood. Blood also runs down from Se-kwang’s nose as Bi-ryung put the poison inside their drinks before that. She apologizes to Se-kwang before passing out. Se-kwang vomits more blood but he’s not giving up on Cha-don. He inserts a bullet and tries to take the aim at Cha-don, but fails.


Cha-don carries Bi-ryung out of the house to send her to the hospital, but she stops him. She begs for his forgiveness one last time and closes her eyes forever in Cha-don’s arms. Se-kwang is left alone in the house and gathers one last strength to life the gun and aims it at his temple. A shot is heard and the guns falls onto the floor as a last teardrop escapes Se-kwang’s closed eyes.



Cha-don brings Jae-in to see his late mother and she greets her future mother-in-law warmly. Just like her usual self, Jae-in starts complaining about Cha-don, who made her wait for so long before her love is reciprocated. She can’t stop before Cha-don shows her a necklace that’s made from the gold coin he got from his late father. Instead of a ring, he proposes to her with the necklace and promises not to make her suffer anymore. She then thanks the late Madam Park for giving birth to him and promises to treat him well.

*Some time later*


The wedding. Cha-don can’t hide his nervousness while Jae-in is having a hard time to fit into the wedding dress. Everyone is anticipating the bride while Cha-don is just grinning happily, waiting for his Jae-in to appear. She finally makes her appearance, a little chubby after all this while. Madam Bok comes to her senses and can’t recognize Jae-in, but it happened because Jae-in ate the food to prevent her mother from eating too much. It doesn’t matter, as she’s the prettiest girl in front of Cha-don…and our Jae-in knows it 😉


Aw. it’s really the end. I avoided working on this final recap because honestly, I just can’t believe it. All the laugh, tears, joy, and agony in these three months meet a happy ending, with the villains all receive their punishment and the good guys (and girls) live happily ever after. Am I satisfied with the ending? Honestly speaking,  not really.


I’m not that satisfied with the endings for the baddies, especially Se-kwang. His downfall feels short and rushed, plus he gets to escape all the potential torments and humiliation through death. I want to see him living as the lowest scum on Earth after experiencing all the goodness of life through his crimes. Guess I’m not that lucky with my wish this time…


I feel that Bi-ryung and Kwon Jae-kyu both get easy escape too. Both of them have their sons as the source of their realization for their crimes, but Bi-ryung seems to ignore her son by making the decision to kill herself along with Se-kwang. She’s the only one who seems to be aware of the sins they have made and begs for Kang-seok/Cha-don’s forgiveness,even at the last moment of her life. It’s a waste to see her go just like that, knowing how her son will suffer. I actually pity the son, but then…I’m not the scriptwriters. They must have a reason for the ending. Same goes for Kwon Jae-kyu, whose realization comes a little too late, after Hyuk’s death. At least Hyuk’s sacrifice isn’t wasted.

However, the drama has already ended, and same goes for Lee Kang-seok’s revenge. Thanks for the great drama, I really enjoyed it!



7 thoughts on “[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 24

  1. The ending wasn’t super tight as I would have wanted it but as ending goes, it wasn’t that bad. Even though I heard before seeing that Jae-In had gained weight, it was kind of a good thing because it showed us that Cha Don loved her for who she was and not what she looked like.To me, that was the best message about the ending. Se Gwang? Got off too easy. Angelina (for some reason I’ll always remember as that), I felt she deserved forgiveness because guess what? She was the only one that asked for it. Did any one forget that? Yes, I cried for her son, not necessarily for her. She technically was the only one who got to suffer and she was the only one who apologized. I hope this writer/director team work together again! This will definitely move to my top 10 and is the best drama this year for me!!

  2. I really enjoyed Incarnation of Money :D. I also think most of the baddies got off easy, but then if Se-Gwang had lived, we might be worried that he might break out of jail or wherever and try and harm Cha-Don again, after the show had ended, lol. At least, I’d be worried about that. After all, if Cha-Don could survive an evil psych ward and prison and come out, Se-Gwang might’ve been able to do the same.
    This show was definitely a fun, intense ride.

  3. Thanks – loved your write-up at the end, too.
    Agree that the finale felt a tad rushed. I suppose the orphaned son was a sad karmic justice for how much the orphaned little Kang-seok suffered.
    Poor Hyeok! Kwon Jae-gyu’s tears of remorse in the interrogation cell made me bawl.

    Ji Se-gwang WAS evil, but he was the original victim. Sadly his revenge went a little too far and he was mentally pretty messed up.In a way, I pitied him. I wept for him in the finale. Helps that it’s PSM – a character who does effortless emotional resonance.
    I’ll miss this intense and slightly crazy show.

    1. Now that you said it, if we’re to see everything from Se-kwang’s perspective, he’s indeed the victim of money. PSM truly shines in this role and just like you said in the post on your blog, he deserves the award for this year.

      You’re welcome, and thanks for the comment 🙂

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