[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 23

Is it too late for the conscience to be shown towards the wronged by the criminals? For me it is. 15 years passed by and you only realize now that he’s like your own little brother? Dream on, Se-kwang. I still want to see Cha-don giving you the most humiliating judgement, in front of the people fooled by your mask.


[EPISODE 23 – second last episode!]


Cha-don is released from the prison and receives the news about Chief Jo recently being appointed as the Director of the prosecutor’s office. He wants to apply for his reinstatement as a prosecutor in order for him to catch Se-kwang with his own hands. Se-kwang is the most promising candidate to win the election so far and Cha-don knows it won’t be easy, plus with Manager Yoo being easily swayed by the money promised by Se-kwang.


Se-kwang gets to know about Cha-don’s release a little late since he’s busy with the campaign but Manager Yoo assures him that he didn’t associate Se-kwang’s name with Hyuk’s murder. Kwon Jae-kyu feels that it’s unfair for Hyuk’s death and wants to meet Cha-don as soon as possible, but Se-kwang wants him to wait until the election is over.


Although Cha-don has Chief Jo’s recommendation to be appointed as a prosecutor again, his past crime is not something that can be covered easily. However, he decides to go for it earnestly and receives good response from the interviewers. Looks like he’s successful for the special appointment of prosecutor! And with new hairstyle!


The detective under Se-kwang is taking away the proof of Se-kwang’s transaction with Swiss bank when Ji-hoo comes over to Se-kwang’s house. He accidentally drops one of the receipts and Ji-hoo finds it, but she doesn’t suspect anything and puts it in his drawer.


Madam Bok is now staying at a rooftop house and Jae-in’s father is still taking care of her. He’s playing his saxophone on a windy afternoon when Madam Bok doze off for a moment and wakes up. She suddenly recognizes him and starts screaming at Jae-in’s father, who’s too happy to see her regaining her senses back. She chases him out at the same time Jae-in and Mr Kim come home.


Jae-in is surprised to see her returning to her old self, but Madam Bok is more surprised to see her in a shabby place instead of her nice house and having Jae-in’s father as her caretaker. She’s angry that the Chungrok members betrayed her even after all the help she gave them. Jae-in asks Madam Bok about the proof of the transaction she made with the members and she actually buried it in their old house compound instead of keeping it in a bank.


The election is fast approaching and Se-kwang makes some time to visit his father’s grave, talking about his big dream to take over the country one day (rolls eyes). He gets to know about Bi-ryung, who wants to meet him as soon as possible. He drops by the asylum on his way to Seoul and Bi-ryung admits that she believes his words about Lee Cha-don tricking her. She wants to go back to the prison and pleads for Se-kwang to bring her there instantly.


On their way to the prison, Bi-ryung wants to go to the washroom and they stop at a rest area. Bi-ryung actually plans to escape from the asylum and manages to do so, leaving Se-kwang agitated, plus with the sudden revelation that Cha-don has been appointed as a prosecutor. Bi-ryung reaches Seoul and retrieves her jeweleries she secretly kept before her fall. She promises to meet her son soon, but not before she kills Se-kwang with her own hands.


Cha-don starts planning with Chief Jo about Se-kwang’s case but they are interrupted by Attorney Kwon. He is angry that Cha-don has been reinstated, but Cha-don takes the opportunity to tell him Hyuk’s last words. Attorney Kwon still refuses to believe it although Cha-don keeps pointing out that the poor young man died in his search for the truth about his father.


Madam Bok goes to meet the Chungrok members, who are surprised to see her recovering from her illness. She doesn’t wait long to list down the money she gave them and wonders why they still betray her. She doesn’t want to stay longer and tells Jae-in to take care of the matter on her behalf. Jae-in assigns them the tasks according to their posts.


Attorney Kwon keeps drinking to stop thinking about Hyuk but Se-kwang assures him that Cha-don is just trying to make him confused. There’s no words about Bi-ryung’s whereabouts and Se-kwang thinks it’s unfortunate for those things, including Cha-don’s reinstatement, to happen just before his election.


The arrest warrant has been issued as Se-kwang anticipates his victory in the election. He leads the vote but his celebration is cut short by Cha-don, who’s there to arrest him. Se-kwang is still able to smile, assuring the people that he’s the victim of politics. Prof Jeon wants the Chungrok members to be called for an emergency meeting about the matter.


Madam Bok receives the info and warns the members not to attend the meeting. No one turns up at the meeting venue and Prof Jeon starts to wonder about Se-kwang’s arrest. Jae-in drops by to inform them that no one is going to attend the meeting.She shows them the signatures of the members who are against Attorney Kwon becoming the new Chairman and deems his appointment now void. She’s sad that Hyuk has to bear looking at his father, who keeps helping his murderer. Attorney Kwon is taken aback and Prof Jeon knows that something is going on.


Chief Jo calls Attorney Kwon to witness the interrogation of Se-kwang, conducted by Cha-don. Instead of fishing out his confession, Cha-don is enjoying the turn of events, with his as the judge and Se-kwang as the criminal. Manager Yoo is brought in as the witness and Cha-don interrogates him. He eventually admits that Se-kwang was the one who told him to accuse Cha-don as the murderer.


Attorney Kwon is so mad that Se-kwang was the one who killed his son and he has to be dragged out of the observation room. Se-kwang takes the opportunity to remind Manager Yoo about the promise they made and he won’t get any money if he tells the truth. Manager Yoo looks conflicted for the nth time.


Jae-in goes to the broadcast station to meet with the producer to make a program about Chairman Lee’s murder. Reporter Go sees her there, but the president says that he’s just giving her part-time jobs. The producer is interested with the materials, but Jae-in can’t reveal the real names of the criminals in case of defamation.


Manager Yoo is changing his statement again and Cha-don has no other options, except waiting for the search warrant for Se-kwang’s house. Ji-hoo thinks he’s doing it because of the grudge he has towards Se-kwang but when Cha-don mentions about the Swiss bank, it reminds her of the receipt found in Se-kwang’s house. She goes back to his house and retrieves the receipt. Ji-hoo shows it to Se-kwang and he can’t deny it anymore. She wants to get rid of the proof but finds herself torn in between love and law.


The prosecutors raid Se-kwang’s house but nothing suspicious can be found there. Cha-don meets Ji-hoo since she was the last person to enter the house before the prosecutors. He wants her to give him the thing she has in her possession, that is the secret Swiss bank account number…


Love and law……what would you choose between those two, dear Ji-hoo?! I sincerely hope that it’s a wise decision, because I don’t want to hate her at the last minute of the series…


Honestly, I’m tired of indecisive Manager Yoo. I can never understand why he’s so…loyal towards Se-kwang. It’s probably the money, but he’s still assured that Se-kwang will get out of the situation easily. Urgh, just admit it and save yourself first before thinking about the money.

Bi-ryung…I didn’t see that coming. She’s so focused on her goal and I can’t help but to wish her all the best with her mission to kill Se-kwang. His death might be too easy of an escape for him, maybe a close call by the death angel? He deserves more punishment~


The best scene is no other than Madam Bok and her husband. That’s the reaction I’ve been anticipating since few weeks ago!


3 thoughts on “[summary] The Incarnation of Money – Episode 23

  1. Now I have to watch again. when Se Gwang was referring to like a brother, I though he was talking about Hyuk! Now I have to watch and see. Yes, Mom coming back to herself (just in time) was great. Good episode! Here’s hoping it continue.

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