First Impression – Shark & Dating Agency: Cyrano

It’s that time of the year again, when airing dramas end and new dramas take over the empty slots left by the predecessors. Yesterday, several dramas aired their premiere episode as two of them caught my attention. I realize that nowadays I’m not that consistent with my drama watching schedule as I tend to drop halfway and in some rare cases, I even dropped dramas right after I saw the first episode. This time, I’m quite happy to say that I’m quite relieved when the two dramas that caught my attention, Shark and Dating Agency: Cyrano, exceed my expectation.


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Mein Liebster, My Dearest

I’m neither getting a new boyfriend from Germany nor trying to woo anyone from there, but this is the post for my dearests Indigo from Between Wor(L)ds and Kfangurl from The Fangirl Verdict, who have nominated me for the Liebster Award. I was so flattered and touched and happy…and I nearly cried. Maybe I was being extra sensitive but I really appreciate this nomination. To know that someone remembers me and my humble blog, it’s an honour.

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Royal Titles and Styles in Joseon Dynasty

I’m sure most of kdrama lovers are somehow familiar with the period dramas, or sageuk. In the sageuk, there will be characters based on the people who were part of the royal family of Joseon Dynasty. Various terms, such as jusang jeonha (주상 전하), are used to address these characters according to their ranks. Some of them are commonly heard in the dramas while others are just being mentioned once in a while.

Joseon Dynasty was known as a dynasty with a rigid social system, not to mention that the lives of the people greatly depended on their statuses and ranks. The royal family of Joseon Dynasty or Jeonju Yi Family was at the top of the hierarchy, but the ranks also existed among the royal family members as well.

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Lee Jong Suk – Singles June 2013

Awww so adorable. With his upcoming drama I Can Hear Your Voice counting days until its premiere, Lee Jong-suk is going to be featured in next month’s Singles magazine. He’s not the cover boy (unfortunately) but I’m surprised to see quite a lot of his shots released to the press. Not that I’m complaining because there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to pictures of my adorable Jong-suk. He’s channeling a boy who won’t let someone touch his favorite toys, different from the silent bad boy Nam-soon. Why he has such a fair complexion? My mother thought he was a girl when she first saw him on the television.


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Seo Hyo Rim – Singles June 2013

Not sure if any of you remember her as the spoiled Ha Hyo-eun in Sungkyungkwan Scandal but if any of you watched That Winter, the Wind Blows, you might recognize her as the possessive Oh Soo’s girlfriend Jin So-ra. Seo Hyo-rim has been playing bitchy second lead characters for quite some time and I hope she will pick a project that showcases her pretty and cute side. I kind of loving her character in Me Too, Flower! at first, but when her character Kim Dal was embroiled in Hwa-young’s plot to break the main couple apart, I disliked her character a little for it. She’s radiant in her latest pictorial for Singles’ June edition with summer in California as the theme.


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