Joo Won – Cosmopolitan November 2012

Voila! The long awaited magazine spread of our Gaksital Joo Won is finally here! I didn’t find any interview of him in magazines for this year and I believe this is the first time a magazine decides to feature him in the year of 2012. It is understandable, since he’s a total workaholic and jumped straight into Bridal Mask after Ojakgyo Brothers ended. Well, it’s not a full resting period for him nowadays as he’s still filming 2 Days 1 Night. It’s better than none, because at least I’ll still be able to see his face every week.

Ever since Bridal Mask wrapped up, everyone had been going their own ways and Joo Won had already confirmed his next role in the upcoming drama The Secret Lovers. People had been speculating who would be the lucky soul to be his partner in the drama remake of Level 7 Civil Servant movie and today, rumors came out saying that Choi Kang-Hee is to be his woman in the drama. I think I’ll just wait for the confirmation then. It’s still a long way from the airing date which is set in January 2013. It will be the first time for him to act on a different channel as it will be broadcasted on MBC.

I am glad to hear that he’s working hard to be a good actor, but hopefully he won’t push himself too hard. I hate to see my favorites falling sick because of their tight schedule…

I totally love this shot, not just because his face is bigger compared to the other shot. It is beautiful, but I still think smoking doesn’t suit him. I have to admit that he’s smoking hot, but it doesn’t have to be smoking to show how manly he is….because Joo Won is forever manly and adorable to me!

source: Mydaily

EDIT ~ New pictures from Cosmopolitan‘s website and…I love more Joo Won in bed.

Have I mentioned before about how I missed seeing his frown every week? Someone needs to go rewatch Bridal Mask right now!


2 thoughts on “Joo Won – Cosmopolitan November 2012

  1. Kinda the type of things that makes you go hysterical. My gosh, so MUCH sexyness isn’t normally possible. So I’m just gonna go watch Gaksital once again, because I won’t survive without his frown. And his “Bingo”. Gosh, if someone had told me that such a little world would make me drool all over my computer… XD

    I’m glad he became so known. I loved him so much in Baker Kim Tak Gu that I was wondering if he would go futher… well, he did. And it was not half-done ^^

    Never hesistates to publish more shots of him. You’ll make so many people happy in this vast world 😀

    1. LOL He will be a drool-worthy guy forever. I can’t help but feel jealous of his future wife. She will be the luckiest girl to get someone as adorable and hot as him! I can’t help but feel so proud of him 🙂 Although he’s particularly a newbie in the industry, but he has a rare talent and he’s never feel afraid to explore his own capabilities.

      Don’t worry, I always stick to the phrase “sharing is caring” over here 😉

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