Ji Chang Wook – Singles October 2012

Who misses the good boy Ji Chang-Wook? If you’re watching his drama Five Fingers, he’s different from his usual self; his character Yoo In-Ha is as cold as a man could be, except to a few lucky souls whom he chose to give his affection to. In Singles magazine October edition, he is not the cold city guy anymore. Instead, he’s going on the good guy route, almost like a mix between a nerd and a dork.

I find him cute, although I really have the urge to make a different hairstyle for him. He is super adorable here but the hair is making him look girlish. Haha!

Sulky boy. I think I better stick with his In-ha hair.

source: OBS NEWS  | 1 | 2 | 3 |

edit: more pics from Singles’ website.


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