A Happy Ending: Yoon-Meahri

I’m back!! Phew! Living without internet for approximately a week can be relaxing, but it also means that I have to miss all the updates about my dramas…just like this pictorial that was actually out last week. I am excited to see them together in a photo shoot, although A Gentleman’s Dignity has ended and both of their characters get their well-deserved happy ending together. How sweet is that? They’re almost two decades apart, but it doesn’t mean that their chemistry is weak. Here you go, enjoy Kim Min-Jong and Yoon Jin-Yi’s spread in High Cut Vol 83.

They will forever be Yoon and Meahri in front of my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve yet to write up my review for A Gentleman’s Dignity, but one of the things I like about the drama is Meahri’s character. She’s the whiny little sister in the house but she manages to be pretty likable, at least to me. I am not sure whether it’s how the character is written or it’s Yoon Jin-Yi’s portrayal of her; however, the actress deserves the praise of bringing the character into life. I’ll look forward to her future project after this.

EDIT: This is behind the cut video from High Cut. Ah, they are so cute together!

Yeah, I’m giddy just from watching them together. Adorable.

My favorite part:

*cue my heart exploding*

source: HIGH CUT


16 thoughts on “A Happy Ending: Yoon-Meahri

  1. She was very cute. I got very tired of all the crying sometimes but it was still understandable, too. Was sad we didn’t get a kiss but I figure the director didn’t want to go that far with the age difference? Love the photo shoot.

      1. ‘A peck on cheek’ was the only thing we got from this couple. LOL If I’m not mistaken, Kim Min Jong once said if the writer ended up having at least one passionate (owh, purposely inserting this word LOL) kiss, Yoon-Meari couple would end up like an ordinary couple – guess, he’s trying to say that usually the couple in a drama will have some kissing scenes and it’s like the usual scenes that will be done by almost every couples on dramas (refer to like JDG-KHN and KSR-YSA couples did have in AGD).

        Yoon-Meari couple (aside from the age-gap difference) ended with just a peck on cheek portrays a beautiful yet lovely couple without the any kissing scene needs to be involved. Ah, they finally get married and all of us know that a married couple does things more than just having kiss..WARGH! omo! omo! The only different thing is that they can’t show it on screen. LOL

        Ahh, how I wish both of them would date each other in reality. =P

        1. Ah, they finally get married and all of us know that a married couple does things more than just having kiss..

          LOL. this. I can’t agree more. I still can’t get over how blissful they look during the wedding. Oh, my sweet cute couple! And the aftermath thing…leave it to our ‘creative’ minds to imagine it. hehehe >:)

          Glad this couple makes love between them is defined as pure, not just a pointless lust ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Being a fan of Kim Min Jong for few years back, watched almost every of his dramas, I once fantasized of him acting as a matured character falling in love with a bubbly yet bratty girl..owh my..glad the AGD’s writer granted my wish! LOL

    Before she was a no one, she used to watch Kim Min Jong on TV and hope that one day, he’ll have a chance to write a suitable character for him plus she’s the one who described the season for Yooni-oppa’s eyes are ‘The Rainy Season’ which of course will be blurted out using the lips of Im Meari XD. During AGD, the two of them become friends and glad the writer brings fame again to Min Jong.

    To be honest, after downloaded each episode, crazily forwarded to watch Yoon-Meari scenes first before starting all over again from the start! BAHAHAHA

    1. Hihihi! coming out~

      Although I was pretty much falling for Dojin during AGD days, each time Yoon appeared on the screen…I just squealed out loud “Yoonie~~!!!” and bouncing here and there. His smile, his eyes!! OMG can I just rewatch his scenes, although I have two exams coming up this weekend?!

      Min Jong’s eyes are what me and my friend call as ‘the dreamy eyes’. and his voice………..dreamy. I cried when I first heard his OST for the drama! What a dreamy ahjusshi he is!

      I would spazz about him with my friend..and at first, because that friend couldn’t recognize him, I called Min Jong as ‘the keudaeyo ahjusshi’ for his appearance in Running Man and that song was his personal background music. LOL

      Kekeke you’re making me unleash the Min Jong’s fangirl inside me! ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. LOL haha same goes to me spazzing all the time talking about the same ahjusshi with my friends till they do think my taste is soooo ahjusshi-like. LOL

        In AGD, Meari’s age is 24, the same as mine, although my love (omo!) towards KMJ ahjusshi is as BIG as Meari’s, think so I’ll behave like her but definitely I’ll not cry and whinny the way she did! Kekekeke

        Guess, kinda sweet when watching a melo-ahjusshi ended up having a cheeky monkey next to him for the rest of his life! HAHAHA

        The keudaeyo-thingy is the trademark for him nowadays when referring to him appeared in Running Man…ahh, even he was the main reason I started watching Running Man during that time.

        It was like my friend told me this, “hey, your favourite ahjusshi with my swoon-prince Siwon were in RM last week. Ah, you did not watch RM, right??”

        At that time I were like, “FAVORITE AHJUSSHI!! RUNNINGMAN IS A MUST WATCH!!!!”

        So, ended up being a total addict to Running Man till now..haishh~

        1. Kekekeke I guess falling in love with ahjusshis in dramas is just a sign that we’re getting older..but I don’t have any regret! LOL if Yoon and Meahri do exist in real life…that would be sweet! I’m swooning just from thinking how Yoon would treat her like a princess and everything precious in his life! *grinning alone*

          Haha I was watching Running Man from the start (because of Joongki hehe ^^) and when Min Jong appeared on the show, I was like, “Wowww..he’s good looking~” He has the perfect package!

          Luckily I’m being addicted to dramas nowadays..so I only check out Running Man once in a while. Watching that show is so not healthy for me..I’d laugh like a banshee. Even the whole family gets worried each time I watch the show. haha!

  3. Then, did you remember their first night being ruined the 3 ahjusshis drinking around with Yoon and Meari got upset when Yoon drunk?! kekeke

    Love the way Yoon gazed at her and gave the action i’ll-drink-a-bit-could-you-wait-for-me-in-the-room-for-minute before he got totally drunk..and the scene after back from honeymoon he called on Seo Yi Soo and later, Meari..the wifey-Meari with her newlywed hairstyle (duhhh?!) sat next to her yobo, our newlywed couple looks like they had just came back from their blissful honeymoon in a purposely choosen-always-raining-place according to Jung Rok ahjusshi and they did not came out from the room hence did not captured much pictures and here goes the quote again;

    Ah, they finally get married and all of us know that a married couple does things more than just having kiss..WARGH! omo! omo! The only different thing is that they canโ€™t show it on screen. LOL


    1. LOL Meahri looked so disappointed when her first night was put into waste,thanks to those gentlemen! Hahaha

      Ahhhh that dinner scene ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad the writer let us do the imatinagination instead of showing it to us, because we can do better hehe

      And Taesan kept feeding Yoon nutritional food for men’s health! OMG I’m dying with laughter over here, that scene was still vivid in my memory ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. OMG! I spent the whole day on internet talking to @muchadoboutlove! LOL

        Did you tell me just you’ll have your exams this coming weekend? HAHAHA So, it’s time to study and wish you best of liuck for your exam, dear~!

        And do not ever forget to spread (and preach! LOL) the Yoon-Meari’s love to the world~!

        1. Haha! It’s nice to have a spazzing partner ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for the wish!! I’m thinking of writing a review for AGD but have to wait until I finish my exams ^^ Yoon-Meahri is a must-featured couple in that post! Hihi

  4. Recently Yoon Jin Yi was won an award as “Best Female Rookies” i guess it’s from 2012 Korean Drama Festival/Awards and in her acceptance speech she said “Thank you for my Kim Min Jong oppa” and that’s the first thing came out from her.. I’m so so so happy to think that perhaps we could hope a real chemistry and love story between Jin Yi and Min Jong and I go crazy looking for the video of her acceptance speech to feel her emotion and watch her expression but couldn’t find it anywhere (damn)

    I guess i could never let go of this drama ever, and now i rewatch it only for the Yoon-Meahri couple parts.

    Somebody please help me find the video of her acceptance speech.. i’ll appreciate it.. Gomawoo Jeongmal

    1. I wanna watch it too โค i love this couple so much! :3

      until now, i keep on watching AGD only fastforwarding for their scenes! :3

  5. I wanna watch it too โค i love this couple so much! :3

    until now, i keep on watching AGD only fastforwarding for their scenes! :3

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