[recap] Arang: the Magistrate’s Chronicle – Episode 2

Yeah, I know I’m late. Life seems to be beckoning me to go out instead of staying in the confines of my room and my videos were making the internet lag which means my mother couldn’t watch her dramas. If mama kich couldn’t watch dramas, the kich household is not happy.

Episode 2

Moo Young continues to chase the two while on horseback and to prevent him from following closely, Arang takes out some peach blossoms and throws it at him. When they reach a safe distance, Eun Oh forces Arang off the horse and demands to know where she got that hairpin which looks exactly like the one he gave his mother. Arang replies that she had it with her since she died. Eun Oh deduces that it means she must have met his mother, however she won’t know since she lost her memories.

She thanks him and was about to walk away when he tells her he will find her identity for her. She happily states that she wasn’t wrong about is kind heart and character. They get back on the horse and she knew that he was brave and had a warm heart; the former he agrees with, but the latter, she might be wrong. He asks why she didn’t just pass on peacefully instead of suffering, but she states she has something she must do. She’s been wandering for 3 years already. Eun Oh tells her he won’t call her by her name “Arang” but “Memory Loss” instead (flirting already? hehe).

Moo Young is up in Heaven where he looks at some girls working; he is reminded of his sister which he does not have ties to anymore since he became Heaven’s subject. Jade Emperor asks if he found Arang and the Underworld King joins the two. Underworld King wonders how the red rope was untied in the first place and looked at Jade Emperor suspiciously. Jade Emperor predicts that she would come back willingly since it’s already fated to be that way.

Back in the mortal world, it rains harshly and Dol Sae waits under a small roof for Eun Oh. Eun Oh meets up with him and tells him they need to go back to the magistrate’s office since that’s his job now. Dol Sae asks if he hit his head anywhere, it’s not like him to act like this. Dol Sae blames the three men and runs off to find them.

The three men are working on the letter they are going to send to the king. it gets interrupted by Dol Sae who angrily grabs them and shakes them around. Eun Oh gets there in time to stop him. The three men, back at their office, wonder if it’s alright to let Eun Oh, son of the previous prime minister, take over. They decide to let it be since an empty position would cause trouble for them and Lord Choi. They just hope Eun Oh is a clueless puppet magistrate.

One of the men is sent to Lord Choi’s home to report this and one of Lord Choi’s officials tell him it might not be bad to have a puppet. The real problem is Eun Oh’s father who was the person to demote Lord Choi in the first place. Lord Choi asks what Eun Oh is doing and one of the men just say something about a girl…

It turns out Eun Oh is painting a portrait of Arang. You would think it would be a beautiful painting since he is a noble, but it turns out to look really childish and Arang is depressed; does she really look like that? After many failed attempts, he brings in a pro and criticizes the way the pro drew the eyebrow. It’s way too long! The pro just looks at the empty space where Eun Oh sees Arang at (haha).

Lord Choi tells the man to do a better job of spying on Eun Oh. Eun Oh decides the whole drawing plan is a fail and decides they should go to the location where she died, but she doesn’t know that. When she woke up, she was on the road to Hades. However, she does know two things: she’s been wandering for three years and sometimes on her side, it hurts as if someone stabbed her. They start bickering about how she didn’t tell him in the first place, but he was the one who wanted to try something else. They end up looking the other way angrily (haha).

Lee Bang puzzled by why Eun Oh would want records of autopsy for murder cases about female victims. There are only three books since Milyang hasn’t had a magistrate in 3 years so there was no one to report anything to plus Milyang is a peaceful village in the first place. He flips through all of them and finds nothing.

Arang says maybe it means her body isn’t found yet and Eun Oh laughs maybe that is the case which gets Arang annoyed, can’t he be serious about this? She walks out angrily and he walks out a few minutes later too, ignoring the three men who waited outside for a few days while he was looking up the autopsies.

She mumbles that she must have misjudged him about him being warm. Eun Oh walks around the magistrate’s land and finds a place that’s been closed off tightly. He jumps the wall and opened the door to find an empty room with books still opened and a vase turned over. There’s also a corner drawer with makeup on it, it seems to be a female’s room.

Arang walks to a place and outside of it is surrounded by many ghosts. She asks what’s going on and the boy tells her an ancestral rites is occurring which gives her a flashback: she’s starving and an old ghost (cameo by ________) gives her some rice. He asks for her name and she replies that she doesn’t know so he gives her the name Arang since that’s what virgin ghosts are called. Since ghosts with no relatives have no certain way of getting food offered through ancestral rites, they can only grab the food given the appease ghosts in general (called a gosoorae).

Eun Oh examines a little chest when the seamstress of the place demands that he put it back exactly where he found it. She realizes belatedly that he’s the newly appointed magistrate. She explains that the room belongs to the late magistrate’s daughter and she kept it the way it was because she wasn’t sure when the young lady would come back. The young lady had disappeared without a trace 3 years ago. The gears turn in Eun Oh’s head and he puts the pieces together (hooray for a smart hero!).

Meanwhile, Arang is competing with the other ghosts for the gosoorae since it’s a race to see who grabs it first. They wait as one of the members of the household sets down a bowl of food outside and they all dash for it once the member leaves. A fight ensues and she gets shoved to the ground, the people who lost blame her before they leave to another gosoorae.

Eun Oh finds her and takes her to her old room. Her name was Lee Seo Rim and she confirms it when she sees the same butterfly decoration on her as the embroidery in the room. Despite that, she still doesn’t remember anything.

Eun Oh talks to the three men with Arang in the room listening and they tell him how she didn’t disappear but ran away. Arang had fallen in love with an errand boy so they ran off. No one in Milyang ever saw the lady’s face because it was always covered by a veil in public. After she left, Magistrate Lee (her father and only relative) searched everywhere and passed away due to heartbreak. The only person who got punished was the person she was betrothed to.

Arang starts poking the ground with a stick aimlessly while Eun Oh tries to “console” on the fact that she fell in love with someone of a lower rank. Eun Oh asks if she remembers anything now, but she doesn’t; she only feels bad for Magistrate Lee. She requests another favor, Eun Oh can go talk to the person she was engaged to in order to figure out what kind of girl she was. He refuses, he would basically be voicing out that he can see ghosts. She looks dejected and thanks him for finding out her identity. They no longer need to be acquainted and as she leaves, he sees the hairpin and he agrees to talk to the fiance.

It turns out her fiance was Joo Wal (totally knew it). Eun Oh traveled to Joo Wal’s place. He walks around it and sees Joo Wal in the pavillion painting something. Arang takes a look at his backside and she clutches her heart. He tells her that they should go meet him, but she can’t because she could barely breathe with her heart thumping so fast.

He mocks her about a ghost having a heart and wonders if she’s suffering from mind loss rather than memory loss. He’s in disbelief that a ghost can have a heart and is about to touch her chest to emphasize it when they both realize what he’s doing…uh…awkward. He coughs and grabs her by the wrist while she begs that they do this another time, she’s embarrassed. He laughs mockingly again.

Joo Wal looks over at the commotion (I’m surprise he hasn’t seen Eun Oh yet). eun Oh’s about to call out for Joo Wal when Arang covers his mouth and drags him around the corner. A passerby looks and sees Eun Oh protesting and being dragged around by some invisible force.

One of Lord Choi’s underlings (the one who was with him last episode) comes by to notify Joo Wal that he’s located Hong Mu Rong (possible gisaeng house?). The underling wonders why Joo Wal would want to find a place like that, but the man doesn’t respond.

Eun Oh and Arang are in an inn; she downs the last bit of rice wine. The server brings in another bottle and she see Eun Oh telling Arang to stop drinking. She only sees Eun Oh being pulled back and forth by some invisible force and she looks at him oddly before leaving. Arang’s tipsy now and she’s still adamant about her heart skipping a beat when she saw Joo Wal. Eun Oh scoffs in disbelief, but let’s her have it her way. So she did skip a beat, but why? Arang theorizes that she probably loved that man a lot. Eun Oh is still skeptical: she loves Joo Wal, but ran away with an errand boy?

Arang wants to prepare herself before they meet Joo Wal, but Eun Oh thinks it’s ridiculous since Joo Wal can’t even see her. She says as a lady, this is what she wants. She buries her face in her arms and sighs that no one would offer her new clothes. She considers Bang Wool, but sighs dejectedly.

Eun Oh gets fed up and calls out for the server, asking if there are any shamans around here. This scares the server since she’s been eavesdropping outside the whole time. Meanwhile, the three men wonder why Eun Oh’s asking about the old magistrate’s daughter and looking up autopsy cases.

Eun Oh ends up having to piggyback Arang to the shaman’s place since she’s too drunk to walk. He complains that if he knew a drunk ghost was this heavy, he would have waken her up; earlier, she was light when he carried her up the horse. He realizes their close proximity, but ends up tossing her to the ground when they faces touch since it’s cold. He decides he should just leave her there since no one will see her anyways. He decides to slow his pace since his back is precious (wink). he changes his mind and picks her back up – she’s the key to finding his mother. But then tosses her back onto the ground when a person walks by (aww poor Arang!).

At the gisaeng house which has been closed just for Joo Wal, three gisaengs admire Joo Wal from outside the room. They all wish they could accompany him since he’s so handsome (get in line buddy!). In the room, he looks at the all the best gisaengs they have, but they aren’t the person he’s looking for (I think he might be searching for Arang, assuming she’s become a gisaeng?). Yup, he was looking for Arang and he leaves the gisaeng house when she isn’t there.

He looks at the wooden ring of his one more time (maybe it’s made of the same material as Arang’s hairpin). One of the gisaengs that were outside starts flirting with him, but he brushes her off. Much to his annoyance, she’s a persistent one and he ends up pushing her against the tree and holding a knife to her neck. He lets her go and tells her not to say a word of this (dang, anger problems).

Eun Oh makes it to the shaman’s house and she asks if this was the place. It turns out that she’s been awake for a long time now and that ghosts don’t get hangovers (hahhaa poor Eun Oh). So he carried her all the way for nothing which makes him do his trademark hand to the neck artery move (which I like to call, the aigoo move).


The shaman turns out to be Bang Wool and she’s shocked that Eun Oh can see Arang. They got inside her home and Arang asks that Bang Wool make her a set of pretty clothes with nice material. Bang Wool snickers, it’s not like she has the money. Eun Oh throws her a small ball of bronze, he tells Bang Wool to make sure it’s of good quality, get a nice colored ribbon, a jade ring and other accessories. He wants it all done by tomorrow and Bang Wool asks how she’s going to manage all that. He tosses another one of those balls and she asks for the measurements (ha).

Bang Wool gives him the measuring ribbon and the two look uncomfortable. They both want Bang Wool to do the measuring, but how can she when she can’t even see Arang. First they have to get the chest measurements and Arang blocks him. Bang Wool doesn’t even flinch as she tells Arang to raise up her arms. Eun Oh just wants to get it over with. Arang decides to measure it herself and whispers the measurements to Bang Wool who just shouts it out: 33 inches (hahaha love that girl). Eun Oh tries to stifle his laughter.

Things turn silent as Eun Oh measures the rest of Arang and they both feel awkward, tense, shy? Bang Wool looks at the measurements and can tell she has a feminine, willowy stature and wonders why Arang’s temperament is like that.

Eun Oh coughs and chides her for not thanking him. Bang Wool runs to him and kneels at his feel before he leaves, asking what she has to do in order to be able to see ghosts. Eun Oh threatens to turn her into a ghosts if she blabs to other that he can see them.

He walks out and wonders if he’s crazy, all while patting his chest. Arang sees this all from the roof as he walks away and grins to herself, she does know how to pick out people. She finds her name “Lee Seo Rim” weird and doesn’t roll off the tongue.


Eun Oh and Joo Wal cross paths at the bridge and he looks back, wondering what’s so great about Joo Wal. The underling reports to Lord Choi about Joo Wal going to a gisaeng house and Lord Choi thinks he’s just there to relax. Lord Choi asks about how many days are left until the full moon. Joo Wal stands outside on the ground and looks up at the sky.

Eun Oh’s in his room asleep and opens his eyes to find Arang lying next to him, her body facing his. He asks what she’s doing here and she replies that everyone has a grudge. Her grudge is not being kissed before becoming a ghost. Eun Oh’s surprised by her answer and lies still as her lips come ever closer to his.


I bet that was just a dream, it has to be! Too bad it’s not going to be real which means a certain magistrate is going to be left disappointed. So far I’m really liking the couple though, I love their little bickering and friendship.

Lee Jun Ki is doing a good job so far, I honestly never expected he could act like a lazy smart nobleman. In the dramas, I’ve seen him in (My Girl and Time Between Dog and Wolf), he hasn’t had to act like a little jerk. I really love it when he scoffs and stutters in disbelief though my favorite is his aigoo move hahaha.

Shin Min Ah’s doing a great job too, not that I expected any less from her. Her character can be compared to Miho, but I think this character is more balances. Sometimes Miho was a bit too naive and Arang’s not afraid to stand up and get dirty for what she wants.

Bang Wool is hilarious, I love her deadpan voice when she just shouts out Arang’s chest measurements. She’s my favorite character so far I think just because she’s so human (pun not intended). She doesn’t like troublesome things, but gets the job done if there’s money involved for her. Maybe it’s because I can relate to her character…hmm…

Joo Wal’s a bit of a mystery to me, did he love Arang? Maybe he’s just possessive? The only clue we got is he has a bit of an anger management problem, though I don’t blame him for getting angry at the gisaeng (she was annoying). However, it doesn’t give him a reason to pull out a knife on anyone. Ohh maybe he’s the one who killed Arang in his blind rage and doesn’t know it!

I guess we’ll just have to find out as the series progresses and the mystery unravels.

6 thoughts on “[recap] Arang: the Magistrate’s Chronicle – Episode 2

  1. I have seen a lot of speculation that maybe he is a werewolf or something. Since he wears that rings and keeps freaking out over the moon. As for Arang & Eun Oh – that would be so funny if it’s a dream! I’m already wishing there was some way she isn’t really dead even though I know she is. I don’t want a sad ending!! 😦

    1. yeah I know what you mean! a mortal and a ghost love story never ends well! >__< eventually the ghost has to move on blah blah blah 😦
      maybe the jade emperor will pull a few strings? hehe 🙂

      oh man, if joo wal was a werewolf, they're pretty much making this an all out supernatural drama haha all they need is eun oh to be the vampire, bang wool to be a gumiho, and dol sae to be a fairy or something ahha

        1. yeah that would be interesting! hopefully, there’s an interesting back story to it!
          i just realized if arang was to be with bang wool when she did do her shaman stuff, her business could be a lot better. She could be the informant lolol

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