Bye May, Hello June

If I were to define productivity..Hmm..let’s just say that May wasn’t a great month for me. Hence I am glad to bid goodbye to the month and welcome the good June into my life. Plus, my birthday is coming up! Yeay! The post-stress after the examination might be the reason why I didn’t have that much drive to update this blog or watch too many dramas at one time, hence the lack of posts and recaps. I stopped watching Rooftop Prince and The Equator Man, and just focused on Queen Inhyun’s Man. I’m not in the place to say that the dramas suck or anything, but it’s just because I need some break from drama watching activity.

All I do is watch Queen Inhyun’s Man in these recent weeks and the addiction also has its limit. Maybe I’m way too focused in one drama and it hurts my brain (literally), so I have to divert the excessive spazzing  towards something else, which is…

Can You Hear My Heart? I think so, since you’re just inches away from me~

Haha. Fail caption. I’m not that good in providing good captions, but I spent a whole week bawling my eyes out while watching Can You Hear My Heart. Oh, that’s not it. Bawling, plus intense staring and screaming at the screen while punching the table. That doesn’t sound so crazy…right? Well, I’m a helpless addict when it comes to kdramas, hence the extreme reactions are always normal when I’m deeply invested in a drama.

Anyway, back to the drama.

How can a drama be so beautiful like this? I can’t even begin on the description about how perfect this drama is. While almost every kdrama cliches are inserted into the drama, it manages to turn the ordinary into extra ordinaries, leaving me in a smile, a crying mess, or both at the same time. Okay, I admit that I easily cry when I watch dramas, especially during sad scenes, eg. characters dying and also when the male characters cry. Shallow me, but what can I do? Blame the tears! But I cried mostly because of this person.

Bong Woo-Ri/ Little Mi-Suk (Hwang Jung-Eum) might be the first female character ever that made me cry buckets each time she cries. It’s not because she’s excellent in crying, but just because I love her character so much to be deeply invested in everything she does. Her relationship with everyone is so beautiful and of course, my favorite is her interaction with her mother. Perhaps Kim Sae-Ron is the reason why I love this character so much because she portrays the Little Mi-Suk excellently and seeing her interact with everyone is just heartwarming. But I have to warn you that this is a kdrama and it’s not complete without the ‘villains’: Choi Jin-Chul and Kim Shin-Ae.

[insert their photo here]

 I admit that I’m easily pissed off when I watch villains that annoy me to death. I’ve had some experience to stop watching dramas altogether just because the side characters annoy me to death. Oh, how I hate any sight of Choi Jin-Chul..and his past hair irks me so much! Not to mention Shin-Ae’s persistent..they’re so made for each other! But it’s too good to stop watching just because of them, so I carried on and watched without skipping any part and tried my best to live through their appearance on the screen just because I was afraid I’d miss out important details or plot. There’s one thing that I should be thankful for their existence. Hah.

Hey there, Mr Sexy. LOL

At least, they’re responsible for the existence of Bong Ma-Ru / Jang Jun-Ha (Nam Goong-Min). Who knows the bratty Ma-Ru would grow up into a hottie Jun-Ha? Complete with that husky voice..and that smile…I can be dreamy about him forever. Haha! Don’t get easily fooled by those friendly gestures and sweet smiles. He’s actually holding to a big secret about himself, and I pity him because he’s the one with the most complicated life among the characters. No wonder he’s pushed to his limit and eventually became ‘deaf’ at one point. Poor man. Seeing him trying his best to hide his feelings is excruciatingly painful, probably because I’ve became too attached with his character. Ouch.

I’ll still adore you..though you’ve been thrown into prison twice already. Is that pure coincidence your characters always end up there, Nam Goong-Min?

Of course, Jun-Ha’s relationship with his adopted brother Cha Dong-Joo (Kim Jae-Won) is so enviable. Hehehe.

Bromance to the max.

Bromance is just another factor why I love them, but it’s the fact that they don’t share even a drop of blood that makes their relationship enviable. They are so close until it’s hard to imagine that they’re not blood brothers to begin with. Honestly, I found it hard to believe at first that Jun-Ha/ Ma-Ru was so willing to take care of Dong-Joo, but I guess he has the kind heart from the start, only it couldn’t be shown in front of his real family. Plus, Dong-Joo trust him so much and it’s amazing how they easily forgive each other, though at times they’re put at different ends, fighting each other. In the end, it’s the brotherly love that wins over the fight. Lovely.

Erm…enough about Jun-Ha..let’s move on to Dong-Joo.

Mr White Milk who can turn into Strawberry Milk. Mr Smiley Sunshine. Oh..he has so many nicknames!

The guy who’s rendered deaf after an unfortunate incident, but soon recovers from the blow to seek revenge. He has the heart of gold but his compassion is so strong and it’s hard to believe that he can’t hear anything. Dong-Joo is quite stern in general but only when he’s with people close to him he’ll turn into his real self = happy-go-lucky and playful. He’s working hard to gain recognition from people around him, but what I love the most is he doesn’t have to do anything for him to be the most perfect person in front of his other half = Woo-Ri.

Sure, their first meeting happened when they were both children and they soon lost contact after Dong-Joo’s accident. It’s like a fateful meeting and all, but this couple is different.


 I’ve seen couples in kdramas communicating with their voices and eyes,but Dong-Joo and Woo-Ri don’t have to say anything for the other one to understand what’s in their minds. It’s like sharing the same mind, and talking with their hearts. I know…this sounds so cheesy, but it’s what I see through them. They’re not drawn together just because they’re fated to end up with each other, but just because they can hear each other’s heart. Sheesh. I’m tearing up as I write this. This couple is too precious.

However, there’s another reason I’m glued to watch this drama diligently till the’s the families in the drama. I can’t help but fall in love with every single character and relationship going on in this drama. From the start until the very end, the drama never fails to portray how family isn’t held together just because they’re related, but even with the desire to take care of each other alone, a family is born.

..and staying together is what a family is all about..




*recovering from the tears* Oh, I’ve also finished Rooftop Prince recently. I did stop at ep 15 because my internet connection slowed down and the Queen Inhyun’s Man took over my life, hence I became detached from the drama for a while. However, after reading the recaps and the spoilers floating around the web, I gathered up my courage to finish it, because I’m someone who have to watch a drama till the end and also because of this scene:

I teared up when I read the recap. Yeah, the RECAP. So I was determined to see whether I would cry again…and I did. Dear tears, why you’re so easily tempted to go out when it comes to dramas? Argh, being distracted again!

So..Rooftop Prince ended with a nice closure, tying all the loose ends well and left no question unanswered. I just pity Lee Gak because he’s stuck in the past with the memories of both Park Ha and Bu Yong. Luckily he still got the minions beside him, all living happily while doing the omurice business. LOL. Park Ha is the most fortunate one because she got saved from her ill fate and met her destined soul mate, both in the past and present form. Ah…if only she could go back to Joseon..but it’d defy the logic of the story from the beginning (as if the story is logic to begin with. it’s kdramas~).




Among the new dramas that have aired this week, I had the urge to check out one of them, which was the lucky A Gentleman’s Dignity. I found the drama entertaining, giving me reason to laugh several times and I enjoyed watching the characters getting to know each other just like what I was trying to do, since it’s only the first two episodes. I adore Kim Ha-Neul and I truly miss seeing her in a light rom-com drama like this. I hope that I can stick around with this drama, since I’ve came to like Kim Do-Jin (Jang Dong-Gun)’s characterization. But I can’t promise anything and I’ll have to see what will happen once Queen Inhyun’s Man ends. I probably will catch up with it after I deal with my withdrawal symptom.

I think I really have to talk about Queen Inhyun’s Man a little.

I admit that I didn’t enjoy episodes 11-12 like I used to do with the previous episodes. Not because the story was getting boring (absolutely not!), but it’s just because of the “Eleventh Effect” – when I got tired of a drama after enjoying the ten episodes before. It’s a natural reaction for me and I quickly recovered from it after I watched episode 13. Yeah, episode 13, a.k.a the return of the badass Boong-Do, brought in the hype again and showed us the brainy scholar, instead of the lovelorn Boong-Do when he’s with Hee-Jin. I guess we’re all not used to see him being so cheesy like that. Haha.

Anyway, he’s my favorite kdrama hero at the moment, being the most perfect boyfriend/husband/friend material for almost every woman. Who could muster up the courage to face his own death even when he already know about it? That’s not an everyday occurrence, but Boong-Do is too loyal to his king to leave the matter in the past just like that. Although it also means that he has to give up everything in the past in order to restore the stability of the nation and repair the damage caused by his talisman and time-travelling activities.



If before this, everyone including me used to marvel on how lucky Hee-Jin is to have someone like Boong-Do to fall for her, I don’t think it’s the case after watching episode 14. In fact, I think Boong-Do IS the lucky one to get the love from three greatest women, be it in the past or present. He is indeed a player to be able to capture women’s hearts just from being himself. I really want Yun-Wol to get a second Boong-Do just for herself to make up for all the heartache and the tears she had for Boong-Do all this time. The queen already has the king and Hee-Jin gets to have Boong-Do for the time being, so it’s just fair for Yun-Wol to get her own happy ending..because she deserves one!

For a split second, during this scene..


..I really wish that they could end up together.



Wishful thinking. *recovering from the tears again* If he didn’t get the talisman, we’d never have this drama and he’d die just like that in Jeju. Wait, if that happens…then he won’t end up with Yun-Wol either..right? Life is so complicated for someone named Kim Boong-Do. His life won’t be all peace and harmony till he decide to cut all ties with the past, and for that reason, I’m dreading the final week. So many things could happen and I don’t want to tire myself out from thinking about the possibilities, so I’m just leaving it to the writer and director.

I’m still thinking about which drama I should start watching after Queen Inhyun’s Man ends…not to mention the withdrawal symptom..

Life is also complicated for a drama addict like me.

9 thoughts on “Bye May, Hello June

  1. I am so glad you took the time to talk about Can You Hear My Heart! It was my first drama >24 episodes that I actually finished. Wait! Thanksgiving break, I marathon watched it (have watched it twice)! It was my second Bromance (SKKS was my first) that was utterly beautiful and broke my heart when it briefly ended. Woo Ri/Dong Joo romance was so precious. Up until QIHM’s romance, I considered them the sweetest couple ever but you are right, QIHM’s OTP are so, so sweet. Yes, I feel for Yun Wol but never had any aspirations for her and Boong Do being a couple but I do hope for her happiness in the end. RTP was good but I was not super enamored with it. AGD is funny! I like it and will continue to watch. It would be fun to read your comments on it! BTW, Equator Man was good but I understand, its not for everyone. I love a good revenge story!

    1. I still have the urge to finish EM till the end…but I have to wait until QIHM ends. Yes, that drama is the bane of any drama existence in my life currently.

      Ahhhh…CYHMH…I can’t remember how many gallons of tears I’ve shed for the drama..too beautiful and totally a masterpiece!

  2. You reminded me about ”Çan you hear my heart” – definitely one of the best kdramas I’ve seen. Most dramas now days are kinda plain (from my point of view) but with CYHMH I was on a roller coaster of emotion. I think the character that had the most impact on me was Woo-Ri/ Ma-roo”s father – this drama is full of emotions~~~~ to be honest, I started watching this drama because of Jae Won (since he is one of my favorite actors) after that ‘Maroo oppa’ came into my life and then BOOOMMMM bromance to the max. Actually, I didn’t even cared about the romance between Woori and Dongjoo because my heart was in too much pain ……. yep Maroo was the main reason why my heart was in pain. In fact I was more interested in the story between Maroo and Dongjoo (nothing sexual), the whole time I was so curious about how those 2 will end, if they will manage to have again that ‘brotherly connexion’. Well, he did had some awkward scenes here and there, but Maroo still managed to break my heart. Sorry for writing so much! m(_ _)m By the way, don’t be scared, I just have the second lead syndrome (lol)

    1. Don’t worry, I feel you. Junha~~~~~~(haha I prefer to call him that rather than Maroo)

      yeah, I’ve started to cry from the first episode for Woori-Maroo’s father. I can’t imagine a pair of father and daughter who are so close like them in real life, although they’re not related at all. sobs. at first, I did hate Maroo because of his selfish self, but I couldn’t help but felt connected with him…his pain and guilt were too much. each time he stared at his father, grandma, or Woori with those longing eyes I’d scream “Just admit it!!” this drama really knows how to pull our hearts out.

      This drama really needs more recognition. lol don’t feel guilty or anything! I’m happy to read other’s thoughts :))

  3. I’ve been debating seeing Can You Hear My Heart. Maybe I’ll finally have to watch it. The Rooftop Prince recap made me cry, too! Gentleman’s Dignity just felt too similar to me, been there, done that. I Do, I Do, though is really catching my interest. But Queen Inhyun’s Man is my drama for the year – so amazing.

  4. Im gonna miss may because of rooftop prince, ending was just to sad for me, i know he couldn’t go back ot the future but stilllll. AGhhhh so sad 😦

  5. Hello!
    I’m glad to read that post!
    About Queen In Hyun’s Man : Addiction has its limits, that’s too true…but, as much as I LOVE this drama, I found ep 11 and 12 a bit too much and way too focused on the sweetness of the couple…But fortunately, ep 13 brought my nerdy Boong Do back !
    About Rooftop Prince : It was a ok ride, I liked the OTP, but the rest, not that much (not to mention the gap between the first and the second half of the drama). Oh, but I found the ending quite good and satisfying.
    About Equator Man : Kind of disappointing, but the ending is better than what I expected (except the very last fifteen minutes, which were a. big. joke.). But I’m glad I gave it a try.
    About A Gentleman’s Dignity : Didn’t like. Really didn’t like.
    There are SO many new dramas, I feel kind of dizzy…
    Right now, I’m super excited about Bridal Mask. I just love the cinematography, the women, and I don’t know why but masked and dark avengers have always fascinated me…
    I also tried I Do, I Do, which I found surprisingly good and entertaining (I hated the trailers and promo stills), so maybe I have my romantic comedy for June. I still wait to check Big and I Need Romance 2 though.
    So, June’s going to be busy!

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