2012 Appreciation Post

[I don’t know why some of the content disappeared before :\ Here’s the edited version.]

For various reasons, this year’s appreciation post is going to be longer compared to last year, simply because I watched quite a handful of dramas and I have a lot of things to be thankful for. I have to admit that 2012 isn’t the best year in my life as a student, but I’m grateful that I something that I can hold on to, just to escape the reality at times. Now that seems a little depressing O.O but student’s life is not normal without any sign of stress, right? Back to the dramas, I think I’ve watched more dramas this year and at one point, I even juggled eight currently airing dramas at that time. Crazy, but I managed to finish most of them.


Beware that this is probably going to take forever…

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Bye May, Hello June

If I were to define productivity..Hmm..let’s just say that May wasn’t a great month for me. Hence I am glad to bid goodbye to the month and welcome the good June into my life. Plus, my birthday is coming up! Yeay! The post-stress after the examination might be the reason why I didn’t have that much drive to update this blog or watch too many dramas at one time, hence the lack of posts and recaps. I stopped watching Rooftop Prince and The Equator Man, and just focused on Queen Inhyun’s Man. I’m not in the place to say that the dramas suck or anything, but it’s just because I need some break from drama watching activity.

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The Rooftop Family

This is just a random idea coming out of nowhere and I can’t seem to chase them out of my mind, so I have to write it down since it sounds good. Haha. Watching Rooftop Prince makes me think that they are like a big family altogether. Almost unconsciously, my mind starts to assign the characters into their roles in the family. Purely fictional, but still loosely related to the drama characters.

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Dearie Do Chi San!

Nah, don’t mind me at all. I’m just being a pure fangirl over here. I know, most people who are watching Rooftop Prince are going gaga over Crown Prince Lee Gak..but why I’m completely drawn to the Yellow Ahjusshi?! Not that I’m complaining, but he’s giving me a reason to flip my table every time he appears on the screen. He’s a cute oddball! Excuse me while I’m fangirling but you can join in if you’re interested!

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Rooftop Prince: Who’s Who?

This is the first thing that came into my mind when I was thinking about the title. It’s the best for the time being, since it’s only the first week for all dramas in the Wed-Thu slot. The characters are introduced and presented to us and I know, it’s hard to get to know about the character names and such, especially when the actors and actresses are playing two or more separate characters. So..this week is actually the introduction week for all the characters in Rooftop Prince.

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Rooftop Prince: Press Conference

Yay! I just happened to know that the press conference for Rooftop Prince was held earlier today! It was held at Lotte World Hotel Seoul. I kind of expecting them to don the sageuk garb, but since the drama is mainly centered in the 21st century, all the actors and actresses came in their modern clothes. And looks like only Choi Woo-Shik was absent here..

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March Madness: Rooftop Prince! (+3rd teaser)

Rooftop Prince made me a stalker again, just like one year ago. Stalking SBS’s official website was my daily job during the madness of 49 Days back then,so this year, I’m going to do it for Rooftop Prince. The premise already looks promising: A crown prince who travels to the future, 300 years after his actual time, only to find people around him back in the past are reincarnated into different persons. So…I think I’ll be watching this in March and gets all mad and crazy with the little lost prince! Continue reading “March Madness: Rooftop Prince! (+3rd teaser)”