Fujifilm Instax CF : Song Joong Ki & Yoo Ah In

Ah! So excited to see these two together! Although it’s almost impossible to put them together again in a drama, Song Joong-Ki and Yoo Ah-In are in a CF, being all cute and handsome. This time, they’re endorsing Fujifilm’s Instax camera. Watching the CF makes me miss Yeorim and Geoloh so much.

So far, this one is the CF with the best quality. Hopefully they will have a better one!

So…which one will be your choice: black or white? Romantic or Chic?

Another good news: I found some wallpapers here. There you go. No need to thank me 🙂 And there are more colors actually ^^;;

I think I need to get myself one of these. That just proves how effective the CF is, right?


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