Dearie Do Chi San!

Nah, don’t mind me at all. I’m just being a pure fangirl over here. I know, most people who are watching Rooftop Prince are going gaga over Crown Prince Lee Gak..but why I’m completely drawn to the Yellow Ahjusshi?! Not that I’m complaining, but he’s giving me a reason to flip my table every time he appears on the screen. He’s a cute oddball! Excuse me while I’m fangirling but you can join in if you’re interested!

He’s scared  ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

…and people are so going to think I’m a weird person after this. uhh (O_O;)

..but then…what’s not to love..

When he made his first appearance like this? (*´∀`*)

And he’s dancing with the court ladies, when he’s actually an eunuch? (^v^)

Full of spirit.

Not to mention…full of swag?

Weeee~ my yellow sunshine!

Angel in making? Heeee

Adorable ball suggesting the lift as their changing room.

I believe this will be his traumatic experience. Poor Chi-San!

With his shining jacket. Hihi

Eyes [(--)]

Braiding? You even know ho to do that?!

Judging Woo Young-Sul sunbae-nim. Because he doesn’t let him do his hair. Ha.

Don’t cry ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

I like it~

Ketchup addict!

Saying goodbye to his (seaweed-like) hair isn’t that easy (; ̄Д ̄)ノ

New hair!!! ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ)

Adorable A~me~ricano (★o★)

 I’ll miss his black seaweed hair and his yellow tracksuit. Only God knows when are we going to see him like that again. Though I’m totally okay with his transformation actually~

Judging Young-Sul again, this time with Man-Bo (┌・。・)┌

Uwaaaahhh~! Park Ha candy is so cool! (ノ ̄◇ ̄)ノ

No! Absolutely no!

Thanks to the wardrobe coordinator, Chi-San gets to wear colorful clothes, although not that shiny like his yellow jacket.


Green jacket+ red sweater + electric blue pants? Check. Blue jacket with leopard print + yellow pants? Check.


Believe me, he can pull off any kind of outfits.


Not to mention, any color.

Yellow hair is indeed good for him!

Looks like he’s not that happy to have his noona getting a husband.


Do Chi-San: the best Joseon informer since 300 years ago

…should we chew this thing with all our hearts?

Stop fighting!!


The Case of Missing (Small) Eyes. Pwahaha!

Feed me…Aaaaa…

Yah! I’m the real patient over here! Feed me!



His name is actually Choi Woo-Shik, having acted in several dramas like The Duo, Live in Style, Tree with Deep Roots, and Special Affairs Team TEN.


He only appeared when it’s dark in Tree with Deep Roots. So that’s probably the reason why I couldn’t recognize him. Ha.


Cross dressing isn’t something new to him. He’s done it in The Duo~ (cr. luvphimhan)

But he still looks hot, like in TEN. unf. (cr. anicabyss)




Celebrating the cuteness, adorableness, and hotness in one package (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜


9 thoughts on “Dearie Do Chi San!

  1. He is why I am going to try to keep watching Rooftop Prince! I’ve been keeping on eye on him since The Duo 😀

  2. what is not to love about him. I completely love him in Ten as well. Looks so different with the colored hair.

  3. Awww… he’s adorable!!! I haven’t watched Rooftop Prince yet, though I’ve sneaked peeks at it. Am waiting to the very end so I can marathon it. Why the wait? Cause it’ll kill me to wait. Yep. So, will pay particular attention to Do Chi San when I do. Thanks!!!

  4. I do love him and not just him, Man Bo and of course the super hot Yung-sol ♥
    Love those trio very much! They may be fighting at times but they still care for each other.

  5. I fell for him too! Hahaha! He looks like Henry Lau from Super Junior M with his new hair in rooftop prince.
    He has small eyes and chubby cheeks just like Woo Shik ♥
    Woo Shik is really cute! And looks childish, it makes him looks cuter :3

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