Because the reason I live is you

 With my heart, I hope the remaining
flickering memories will be sent to you

At the end of this road I walk on
At this road that was allowed to me
I, who used to love and love you more
Remain here alone

My love has all burned up and
the only thing remaining
Are the exhausted scars from waiting
I cannot forget a person like you
Only tears fall

When my love has all washed away
Only the longing scars remain
Only the word “goodbye” remains
So I cannot forget you

Following the flower petals
that yield to the sky
When I meet you,
I can tell you now that I longed for you
I long for you so I couldn’t forget you

My love has all burned up and
the only thing remaining
Are the exhausted scars from waiting
I cannot forget a person like you
Only tears fall

When my love has all washed away
Only the longing scars remain
Only the word “goodbye” remains
So I cannot forget you

Lyrics of ‘Hurt’ by ALi, Rooftop Prince OST

Trans cr: pop!gasa

15 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. Thanks for this! It’s pretty. Hurt is my favorite song on the OST as of now. Totally fits the Joseon scenes in RP, as well as when Lee Gak is reminiscing about the princess. ^^

    1. The song keeps ringing in my ears..I don’t know why! I almost cried..nope, i did cry a bit when Lee Gak was slapped by Se Na. From his point of view, to think that his Crown Princess didn’t remember him was sad..

      1. I’m in love with the song actually. Lee Gak’s sad scenes really touches my heart. That scene, it’s really heartbreaking, especially when Lee Gak was calling her while the guards are dragging him away, the sound of despair in his voice, and Hurt playing on the background… really touching and saddening as well.

  2. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG, is this the same ali from dream high 2? because if it is i love HERRRRR. Aghhh i love this drama, the cast is perfect!!! the story writers are pure genius. I cant decide whom i love more out of all FOUR guys lol, which one is your fav (omg i laughed so hard when they had everything matching their, yellow, blue, green, and red jump suits ahahahahahh). I happen to like this drama way better then the much awaited “Love Rain”. Im so sad by “Love Rain” I used to love JGS :'(. BTW GREAT POST

    1. I think in DH2 that’s Ailee 🙂 hahah! it’s so hard to make a choice between four of them! I think I love Yellow Chisan a little bit more than others. hehe.

      Awwww…I didn’t have the time to check it out yet, but the reviews are not that good..I wonder why. Maybe too much expectations even before it began airing?

      1. Yea I think to much expectations did have much to do with it but also I can’t seem to really connect with Yoona’s character. I’m really hoping that it picks up once they go in to present day time mode!

        Omg I love love love rooftop prince, i can spazz about it all day. I love all the price-less moments like the elevator since. O I just love the writers, they come up with the best!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for the next few episodes.

        Btw how have you been my friend? how is school and everything going?

        1. the mystery, the angst, the laugh, everything feels so right! 😀

          haha I’ve done the main presentation (phew!) and there are some tests/assignments/reports/lab presentations left before the finals. so far, everything’s okay 🙂 this week is the free week before the hectic weeks to come! 😛 you’re still working?

        2. Whew looks like you have a lot of work on your hands. Yes i’m still working. It is truly hard to be a manager, monitoring 50 employee is hard :'(. I miss my drama marathon nights! It’s okay I got a few days off here and there so I’ll be catching up on my blog! Also, catching up on spazzing!!! omg so you never told me how you felt about the ending of wild romance and Moon/Sun? I honestly wanted more from wild romance, i was sad they only had one kiss and that was the last episode :(. I also really wanted one moment of her looking super hawt in a dress or something.

        3. Haha…and now I’m down with fever. *sniff* Have fun catching up~! Honestly…I never felt content enough for the ending of dramas I’ve watched except a few, so both of them are just okay for me. WR felt quite okay with everyone getting proper closure, but on the romance it’s quite lacking. hihi…but MY-EJ are cute! Somehow I want EJ to stay her way till the end without any makeover, because that’s what she is. A sudden makeover will be inconsistent for her character 🙂 That’s my thought~

  3. I see what you mean about her being her self, I agree she is staying true to who she is till the end. I dunno, i still wanted more romance tho. That i for sure hoped to have seen more of.”love rain” finally picked up for me but i wanna see how the story-line and the character development and everything plays out before I can say I really like it. I’m so sad to hear your sick! I hope you feel better!!!!!!! Drink soup!! and drink a lot of water!

    Btw what else are you watching? Are you watching king 2 hearts? sorry If i go MIA again but back to work life, my short lil vacation is sadly over but I will AS ALWAYS be dropping by. I just love ya and your blog to much!!! tee hee 🙂

    1. Coming hope really helps me recovering fast 😀 Now I’m watching The Equator Man and Rooftop Prince..saving King 2 Hearts for later. I’m afraid I can’t keep up with three dramas on the same slot in my list~ awwwhh it’s okay! real life is more important 🙂 Hope you have a good working life! Love you too ❤ I'm waiting for you over here 😉

      1. LOL look what did, right after you mentioned Equator Man. I was like hmmmm which one is she talking about. Now i’m watching it too hahhaha really liking it so far. O im def coming to visit you, just have to figure out when lol. I can’t wait until you start watching King 2 Hearts, you’ll really like it. I know it. Glad your recovered!!!!

        1. Haha TEM might be one of my favorite dramas! even if it’s full of flaws, the story is compelling enough to make me stick with it^^ Waaahh..K2H? Probably after my finals in two weeks’ time! Do tell me when you’re going to visit, probably we can meet hehe

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