The Equator Man: Scenes and Sceneries

Pretty? It’s quite an understatement to say that as the sceneries are spectacular and breathtaking. It’s a feast for the eyes, balancing the conflicts for the heart due to the plot. So..without further due, take a gander at the beautiful sceneries..

White foam..

Orange sky..

Blue sky + blue sea..

Even the rocks look so good..


5 thoughts on “The Equator Man: Scenes and Sceneries

  1. The beginning scene is filmed in Thailand. TaeWoong said he went to film there in the opening of 1n2d season 2 episode 3.

  2. Suddenly I want 1n2d to go to the place in Korea where all the killing was done…. Invite the two young actors and the old Jang-Il too…and go to those places…. someone go tell Bird PD now!

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