Rooftop Prince: Who’s Who?

This is the first thing that came into my mind when I was thinking about the title. It’s the best for the time being, since it’s only the first week for all dramas in the Wed-Thu slot. The characters are introduced and presented to us and I know, it’s hard to get to know about the character names and such, especially when the actors and actresses are playing two or more separate characters. So..this week is actually the introduction week for all the characters in Rooftop Prince.

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[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 2

It’s been a while since I last watched a drama centered around revenge and betrayal, so that probably explains why I’m so into this drama right now. The story has its direction perfectly set, while the characters aren’t going to be the same as before. I yell in frustration a few times during my course of watching this episode but I feel good and find myself anticipating the next episodes.

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[recap] The Equator Man – Episode 1

Surprise surprise!! I never thought that I would be sucked so hard into watching The Equator Man..but after being thrown with intriguing teasers and (probably) my mind’s yearning for some melodrama and makjang, I think I have to put my watching experience into the recaps. Although it comes third in terms of ratings after the other two premiering dramas, it’s still early to judge the three of them, whether in terms of ratings and other things. Let’s just hope everything will improve as the story develops.

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MV: Made Yet Another Woman Cry (2BiC)

That is the title and I think  it’s a direct translation from “또 한 여잘 울렸어”. I’m not that profound in Korean grammar or stuff, so I’ll just have to accept the translation. I decided to check this MV out because of the actors! Maybe I’m being a bit dense, but who can resist when the younger Lee Min-Ho and Joo Won are in the same MV? I am grinning from ear to ear when I first watch it, but the ending…you really have to check it for yourself! The song itself is nice and it’s growing on me…

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