It’s been a year already..

…and still, I’m always at fail when the time calls for another ‘sit down and ponder’, i.e. the unofficial Writer Block’s Week. Sigh. But on the bright side, no matter how I’d go and vanished for a moment, then returned like nothing happened, I’d never give a thought about leaving for good. To think that this blog was primarily a place for me to…write out my feelings about the dramas I was watching, I am happy because I decided to start writing on One Talking Cupboard. this is the anniversary post, I have to give some tidbits about this blog, right? I was quite addicted to tumblr at first and one day, I encountered the 30 Days Kdrama Challenge. Then I started writing about it and learned how to make sreencaps, and actually found it enjoyable to write about something that you really love to do. I’d been looking over wordpress for some time and thought, “How about a proper blog or myself about kdramas?” So I registered the name of the blog as “the talking cupboard”. I never thought that people would care about another crappy English speaker who likes to rant alone (that is me), but through this blog, I’ve got to know so many nice people, all united under the spells cast by kdramas and living happily in kdrama land (the line is so cheesy~). I might not be a person who can express my hate freely because that’s who I am, hence I don’t have that much opinion on dramas. Most of the time, I’d find even the most boring dramas to others quite interesting to me. I don’t have that qualification to judge a drama, so I’d leave it to the experts and enjoy whatever drama bestowed by the kdrama gods to me. The talking starts off as a mere hobby, but after spending a year blogging fully in English, which isn’t my first language, I realized that I’m improving a lot, be it writing or speaking in English. Guess that kdramas are beneficial to me after all. There are times that I have to use dictionaries and such but as I’m still learning, so I just have to do it. And for the sake of this cupboard..I’ve burnt my sleep hours, writing non-stop for several hours, and even refused to go out when I was deeply engrossed in writing. It’s fair to say that it’s really part of my life right now. Since this blog is still young, I don’t find it necessary for me to do any competition or contest toΒ commemorate the first year celebration (huh?). Instead, I am honored to give my deepest gratitude to few people whom I got to know through this talking cupboard. A virtual toast for all of them! ^^ kichul1106: my co-author, my friend, my twin. Although we’re separated by 18-hour time difference, but I feel like she’s in front me every time we chatted through twitter. shyangz: the owner of snip. Her/his blog is one of my cupboard’s idol blog and the entries are so great; they can make me roar with laughter, weep in sadness, or grin from ear to ear. electric ground: the traffic comes mostly from the blog’s directory. And the blog is forever awesome with the language and culture series! doramakaku: my spazzing buddy πŸ˜‰ I miss her! She must be busy nowadays.. miss purple: I love to call her that. Her corner is cute and she herself is one cute and friendly girl! The other blogs that I always drop by are on the sidebar^^ They are the awesome people and never gets tired of supplying the updates and news about kdramas to the non-Korean fans around the world, so they really deserve the fame! Last but not least…to the readers and commenters, your presence always make my days brighter! Thanks for dropping by to read and gather yourself the courage to leave a comment for me. It’s not an easy thing to do (I’ve experienced it!) but to have people commenting on my lousy posts are flattering me. hihi. I’ll try not to give up on this blog halfway, although I’m afraid about it because I tend to easily be bored of something. But judging on how I am still sticking to dramas for almost 16 years already, I think I’ll be here, spazzing my heart out for quite some time. Just forgive me for some vanishing moments I would have because I easily encounter writer’s block from time to time. *FYI, this entry is written randomly. Forgive the incoherent words and sentences! i promise I’ll try my best to write better πŸ˜€


20 thoughts on “It’s been a year already..

      1. I have been UBER busy but, don’t worry i always make time to stop by your blog. So although you don’t get constant message or comments from me. TRUST me im still here!!!!!!! Spring brk is coming up! then i will be posting up new stuff and stoppping by even more offten. THERE is so much i wanna talk to you about. OMG for one i was highly unhappy with wild romance’s ending and 2nd did you watch dream high yet, its not as good as the first!!! aghhh i cant wait for spring BRK!!!!!!! i miss you

      2. BTW love love love your new icon image. MOON SUN i love it and i love JUNG WOOO!!!! also ty much for mention on the one year blog!!!!!! I feel oh so special! I miss spazzzing!!!!!! okay spring brk here I come! CONGRATZ AGAIN!

      3. haha! I really miss you sooooo much! It’s been a while since we spazzed like crazy! lol I don’t watch DH2 yet..and I can’t even get started with DH! I don’t know why..although I’m content with WR’s ending, I’d like to hear what you think about it! heeee…don’t forget to email me that one! πŸ˜›

        you deserve the mention dear! thanks for being a good friend to me~

  1. To My Dearest May,

    Cheers for turning one!!! ^^

    Happy First Anniversary to your awesome blog! It’s also been a year since I discovered this K-drama paradise of yours. I can still the remember the first time I landed in One Talking Cupboard. I was digging for articles about 49 Days when this blog popped on the search engine. Since then, I became a silent lurker of your blog. It’s a regret that I only mustered the courage to unearth my identity last quarter of last year. If only it was sooner, maybe we became closer than today. Hehe! Either way, it’s a pleasure to be friends with you. I greatly enjoy every rants and raves of yours.

    Thank you also for mentioning me in your anniversary post! I can’t believe I made it! Yay! I’m so touched! Hihi πŸ˜€

    My only wish for you is to continue sharing your insightful, amusing and witty views about dramaland. Keep on rocking and stay as wonderful as you are!

    CHUKAHAE CHINGU! ^^ *confetti*

    Your fabulous color,

    1. *playing with confetti while grinning*

      really?! wow…I’ve never known that you found my blog so early! haha…no worries, there’s more time to get to know each other πŸ˜€
      you’re one of my blog’s idol! and me too! I really look up to you because you’re able to write and express your feelings perfectly through your writing! I’m still lacking in that ^^; so I’m trying to do better~

      thanks for the wish! I really feel like it’s my own birthday. hehe *^^*

  2. HEY:D congrats on your one year anniversary!:D

    Just curious, but it’s okay if you don’t want to tell, what’s your first language then? I don’t seem to have read about it on your blog. Haha I feel like I can identify with what you wrote at the start of this post — leaving temporarily but never giving it up totally.

    Sounds weird, but I’m always random like that — Anyway, as a fellow drama blogger, let’s work hard together to write even better recaps, and rants!((: Hwaiting!(:

    1. hahaha I’m okay with that πŸ˜€ it’s Malay actually, since I’m from Malaysia πŸ˜‰

      yeah, that’s the spirit! I’ve browse through your blog and I’m amazed that you can juggle multiple recaps at one time! you’re amazing~

      1. Oh cool! I thought it was something like Korean initially^^

        Aww you did?:P Hehe I was going to link you up on my blogroll, but livejournal suddenly goes cranky, so I’m going to do that later!(: Hehe thanks!! That makes me very happy:D

        1. haha! I wonder why people thought my first language is Mandarin, and now Korean! hihi..probably because I learned Japanese etc and my writing style for English is affected πŸ˜€

          awww..I’m so honored to be featured in someone’s blog πŸ™‚ thanks so much! πŸ˜‰

  3. Hahaha I don’t think your English is that bad at all! I just assumed it was Korean because I got the feeling that quite a number of drama bloggers are Korean lolol.

    Do you ever exchange links? Because I was going to ask if you will mind linking me up on your blogroll, but I decided to go ahead with linking you anyway(: No worries if you don’t want to though!(:

      1. Oh I see haha I didn’t check the sidebar, my bad!:P Anyway yay I’ve linked up to yours too.

        Aja (I make lots of weird sounds, credits to all the asian dramas I’ve watched haha), I’m happy that we seem to hit it off quite well!:D Will be popping by quite often haha.

    1. hehe ^^; mine was left unattended until recently…I forgot how to change it and managed to find the place to put the links. some of the traffic comes in thanks to your blog! πŸ˜‰

  4. My twin! ❀

    I am always grateful that you invited me to be a blogger of this site! I had so much fun spazzing with you and there will be more spazzing to come! I am so thankful to have met you though we have met in real life, I also feel like you're next to me when we chat on twitter ❀ I can't believe I saw this post so belatedly! 😦 I love you, May! <33

    – Your twin. ^^

    1. it’s okay dear! both of us are pretty busy I understand you πŸ™‚ our real life is getting in between our spazzes and I really misses our chats in twitter! let’s continue to spazz over here for the next few years (and even more)~ ;D

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