Rooftop Prince: Press Conference

Yay! I just happened to know that the press conference for Rooftop Prince was held earlier today! It was held at Lotte World Hotel Seoul. I kind of expecting them to don the sageuk garb, but since the drama is mainly centered in the 21st century, all the actors and actresses came in their modern clothes. And looks like only Choi Woo-Shik was absent here..

Let the pictures do all the talking.. 🙂

On the far left is the PD-nim, Shin Yoon-Sub.

From the left: Jung Suk-Won, Park Yoochun, Han Ji-Min, Jung Yu-Mi, Lee Tae-Sung, and Lee Min-Ho.



Park Yoochun and Han Ji-Min.


Park Yoochun


Han Ji-Min


Jung Yu-Mi


Lee Tae-Sung

The Men from Joseon


Lee Min-Ho


Jung Suk-Won

March 14th seems so far away, but..yeah, I’ll keep waiting patiently over here. Rooftop Prince, fighting!!!!

source: via respective news agencies

*update – there are some pictures of the press conference over at the official website, but I’d like to share this one because both of them look so cute.

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