March Madness: Rooftop Prince! (+3rd teaser)

Rooftop Prince made me a stalker again, just like one year ago. Stalking SBS’s official website was my daily job during the madness of 49 Days back then,so this year, I’m going to do it for Rooftop Prince. The premise already looks promising: A crown prince who travels to the future, 300 years after his actual time, only to find people around him back in the past are reincarnated into different persons. So…I think I’ll be watching this in March and gets all mad and crazy with the little lost prince! Now, for some brief introductions about the characters: Lee Gak, the Crown Prince (Park Yoochun): He’s the prince with an attitude befitting a crown prince – cold, snobbish etc. He’s the ordinary heir to the Joseon Dynasty, until his Crown Princess’ suicide changes everything. Shocked by the sudden death of her, he’s set to find the reason but suddenly, he’s thrown into a new, different place from what he calls his home and his country. Is he dead and left to a place called the afterlife? Certainly not, when he fells like a normal human being; the only thing that changes is the surrounding, and that irks him so much. And his savior Park Ha is changing him slowly… Park Ha, the savior (Han Ji-Min): She’s the only kind person who would dare to take in a man who dons sageuk garb in the middle of nowhere and speak like a king of those period dramas. She’s living by herself but tries to make something out of her job. She was a lost child and didn’t even get to meet her father for the last time before he passed away. She’s a strong-willed woman and owns a small truck, but there are times when she needs someone to lean on and cry her heart out. But somehow, she feels lonely when the troublesome Lee Gak is not there, clinging onto her. To think that she’s falling for the arrogant Crown Prince, per what he said, is impossible, but in fact, she actually met him before, 300 years back in Joseon as the Crown Princess’ sister, Bu Yong… Hong Se-Na, the chameleon (Jung Yu-Mi): The reincarnated Crown Princess Hwa Yong..or they just have the same appearance? She freaks out to have a man who’s probably crazy to follow her around. To know that the man is currently staying with Park Ha is more confusing. Her step sister whom she resents, Park Ha..She even lost her when they went out back in their childhood and never met her afterwards. Aiming to climb the social ladder, she takes the opportunity to stay beside Yong Tae-Moo while she’s being the Secretary to President Yeo. But another bizarre thing is happening: the crazy man is actually the lost grandson of President Yeo! She decides to turn to Yong Tae-Yong and no longer clings on Tae-Moo… Yong Tae-Moo, the loner (Lee Tae-Sung): He looks like an ordinary chaebol – good looking and a bright future to succeed President Yeo. Beneath his well-mannered appearance, he’s actually trying his best to get recognized by President Yeo. He’s not going to be the second Yong Dong-Man, his father who’s deemed not important in the family because of his position as son of the second wife. He tries to compete with his cousin Tae-Yong and he is clearly better than him. Tae-Yong’s sudden missing brings in a new fortune to him and that means he doesn’t have any rival to compete with. However, his dreams are shattered when the missing cousin comes back! He starts to suspect something when the new Tae-Yong is so different compared with his cousin he knows before…

Yong Tae-Yong: The carefree young man, cousin of Tae-Moo. He went to US to further his studies in arts. He went missing one day, and no one hears anything from him. He’s considered dead by his family. But Lee Gak strongly resembles him…

Looks like our main leads’ lives are so entangled with each other, even in the life before! Here’s another deal: Hwa Yong actually takes Bu Yong’s place to become the Crown Princess because she’s the older one between them, and she deems herself more qualified to be one. Wow…it’s sure going to be even more complicated with Tae-Moo added to the picture. I wonder if he actually has his own part during the Joseon Dynasty, like one of Lee Gak’s enemy, or better..his dead brother? So many possibilities that makes me more eager to watch this!

Lucky for the Crown Prince, he’s not alone to be transported through time, 300 years later..

Do Chi-San (Choi Woo-Shik): Eunuch, rank 6. Serves the Crown Prince faithfully, acting as his hands and feet. He’s a chatterbox and friendly with females and even cross dress at times to gather information! I wonder if we can see that in the drama..

Woo Yong-Sul (Jung Suk-Won): Guard, rank 6. Faster than the wind, he’s Joseon’s best swordsman. He’s tall and muscular, fitting his job to protect the Crown Prince. He even meets his love during the time slip and in front of her, he cannot help but blush and smile in front of her..

Song Man-Bo (Lee Min-Ho): Private Tutor for the Crown Prince, rank 6. He’s a fast learner and can memorize all the things he sees in one glance. When they are transported to the new 21st century, he’s the one who keeps finding ways to return to their beloved Joseon. He’s becoming smarter day by day when he keeps reading and gaining new knowledge but he is severely lacking in socializing..

For now, here’s the first actual teaser for Rooftop Prince, set for the first episode premiere on 14th March 2012, following Take Care of Us, Captain. The reference to 10 000 Won with King Sejong’s face cracks me up. And the scene where they try to enter the palace, only to find a patrol car behind them, probably ready to accuse them for trespassing the national property. Hahaha!

*update: here’s 7 minutes highlights from SBSNOW1 channel at Youtube, giving a brief idea about the characters’ background. Many of these scene will probably be in the first episode. One sentence: poor Joseon lads. LOL.

*update 2: No matter how our Crown Prince is feeling about the ratings (Yoochun said that he doesn’t give that much thought on it), the station apparently does. SBS decides to push Rooftop Prince‘s premiere broadcast to the following week, 21st March 2012 in order to avoid going into competition to the final two episodes of The Moon that Embraces the Sun. But it’s revealed that the latter might stick to the original decision, as in airing the episodes this week despite the strike. Hmmm…let’s see what’s going to happen..

*update 3: second teaser is out! credits to the uploader of course 🙂 looks like pitiful lads are going to have white faces and clothes. hehe. 2 weeks is so long for the wait…

*update 4: there’s so many updates! but I want to put them in one post 😀 Another teaser, which left me spazzing endlessly. Finally, it’s this Wednesday!


source: Rooftop Prince’s Official SBS Website


6 thoughts on “March Madness: Rooftop Prince! (+3rd teaser)

  1. haha so looking at the royal bodyguard people, I can’t help but compare them to Prince Jung’s three minions hahahaha :DDDD

  2. @sparksofember: hahaha! but after watching it for several times, I really pity the four clueless men. poor lost Joseon lads~

    @kichul1106: ikr! at least this time, one of them are friendlier than others. hehe

  3. This is going to be awesome. Premise alone cracks me up! Hihi ^^ Actually, there’s an old K-drama before which has the same story with Rooftop Prince. I’ve only watched the first episode and it was kinda sucky ^^ LOL! The title is Thousand Years of Love starring Sung Yuri and So Ji Sub. I wish this one wouldn’t go awry! *fingerscrossed*

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