MV: Made Yet Another Woman Cry (2BiC)

That is the title and I think  it’s a direct translation from “또 한 여잘 울렸어”. I’m not that profound in Korean grammar or stuff, so I’ll just have to accept the translation. I decided to check this MV out because of the actors! Maybe I’m being a bit dense, but who can resist when the younger Lee Min-Ho and Joo Won are in the same MV? I am grinning from ear to ear when I first watch it, but the ending…you really have to check it for yourself! The song itself is nice and it’s growing on me…

This is an MV of the new duo 2BiC. A brief summary about the MV: it’s actually about two couples from different time, connected through memories in an abandoned house and a diary…

It starts with someone trying to open a door to an abandoned house, and it’s Min-Ho with his girlfriend. They look like a runaway couple here and they are content to find a house, although the condition tells us that it’s been left behind by the owner for quite a long time. They sit on the stairs and cuddle up in each other’s arms while being extremely cute.

They start to tidy up the mess and the girl finds a photo frame with a couple in it. Guess who? Yeah, it’s Joo Won and his girl.

The time goes back to the time when the photo was taken, with Joo Won tenderly fixed the girl’s hair between the shots. The cameraman left the couple’s house: the same house that Min-Ho and his girl entered. They walked around and sat on the stairs, and they looked like the most blissful couple in the world without any worries.

Back to the present, where the couple is still cleaning and tidying the house while playing around. They are interrupted when someone tries to open the door. Min-Ho takes his bag and quickly hides behind the couch with his girl. Oh…are they being chased by someone? Or is it Joo Won?

Or they are indeed runaway teenagers?

There were also someone at the door as Joo Won and his girl were having their coffee. He answered the guest, but it’s not a normal one. Two doctors and two soldiers came and handed him a notice about the girl having El Tor Cholera and needed to be quarantined.

He was restrained while she’s dragged away. Unable to do anything, Joo Won was left alone in the house.

Min-Ho’s girl finds the notice in one of the drawers, now all stained with dust and dirt.

Min-Ho sits alone in the living room and takes out some cash from the bag. He sighs and puts them back in the bag. There are some red stains on them, probably some blood. The girl sits beside him and tells him not to worry. Suddenly, the girl receives a message on her phone from someone: “I’m coming to you house…wait for me..” She hides it from him and they resume their work.

They put the scattered books back on the shelf, and the girl finds a diary among them.

She opens it…

…and we go back to 1984, where Joo Won was reading through his girl’s diary. He looked at their photo and smiled a painful smile. He’s interrupted by someone, and it turned out to be his girl, who probably ran away from the hospital.

She’s totally exhausted and fell on her knees as Joo Won came running towards her. He checked on her face, bruised here and there. She told him that she missed him so much, and he hugged her. He put her to sleep and went out of the room. He looked frustrated because he couldn’t even protect his girl.

It’s already dark in the present day and the girl is still reading the diary while Min-Ho is clearly in better mood, smile plastered across his face.

But the happiness doesn’t stay too long with them. A few men in black comes in and looks like they are a bunch of loan sharks or thugs. Min-Ho quickly drags his girl into a room and hides her inside the closet although she’s reluctant to do so. He closes the door as soon as the thugs comes into the room.

One of them takes a look at the bag and finds the money inside the bag. He nods to another man, who brings out a knife and stabs Min-Ho. Nooooooooooo!! They leave just like that after finishing their business as Min-Ho starts to vomit blood.

So do the girl in the past. She coughed blood but did not want to disturb the sleeping Joo Won.

Min-Ho’s girl rushes towards him, but nothing can be done as he’s badly injured from the stab. She cries there helplessly as he slowly closes his eyes in her arms…

The girl was still enduring her pain alone, crying in the process. Joo Won was still sleeping peacefully and she lied on the floor, crying in sadness and pain…

The girl is now all alone (why do you have to die, Min-Ho??) and the diary is still beside her.

She opens it and a sentence written on one of the page fades away..

..and it was actually Joo Won who wrote the sentence.

I was happy to be able to meet you…

He cried his heart out, and both of them are alone without their loved ones…


One of the things I love about the MV is the color. It is so pretty! I went through the lyrics translation and the truth is: the lyrics is not like what portrayed in the MV. It’s actually two different stories, with the actual lyrics is about a man who’s a hot stuff among women (am I right?) but he’s still faithful to his girlfriend who’s left him. He pleads her to come back to him as he can only loves her and doesn’t want to make another woman cry because of him. Wow. That’s amazing! It’s not easy to find someone as faithful as the ‘hero’ 🙂 Anyway, here‘s the lyrics translation.

A final gift in memories of the deceased MV version of Min-Ho…

Anyone knows who the girls are? I don’t have a clue about them :\

7 thoughts on “MV: Made Yet Another Woman Cry (2BiC)

    1. probably yes..or he stole the money that originally belonged to him. the men really look like some thugs, and I assumed that it’s the girl who had some debt to them, but the couple managed to run away and took some money from them. haha I’m analyzing it like a drama!

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