Uee – Elle January 2012

Remember the Barbie and Ken awards? Looks like Uee has transformed into a Barbie doll! It’s easy to believe if she’s one of the dolls because of her slender arms and legs, but what amuses me the most is her expression. So similar to what a sombre doll would look like.One thing that will be different: she might be one of the most beautiful one ever existed.

She was an adorable-but-pretty-sly-so-she-deserved-to-be-hated and-two-faced idol Yoo He-Yi in You’re Beautiful, but she didn’t stop there. She continued her acting career in Birdie Buddy and Ojakgyo Brothers, which earned her so much praise and love from the viewers. It’s not too much to say that I sometimes forgot she’s also a singer; one of After School members to be exact. Another good news: she’s going to host KBS Music Bank fron January 6th onwards with Lee Jang-Woo.

Apart from the ‘usual’ Barbie poses, I love how they enhanced the make-up for her eyes. It’s like you’re looking straight into a doll’s  pretty eyes.

So, Barbie’s done…How about Ken? 😉

source : ELLE Korea


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