[recap] Vampire Idol: Episode 6

This episode was one where we jump on a time machine and travel back to watch a beautiful and hilarious story unfold. It’s going to be filled with laughter and little heart tugs along the way so prepare yourselves!

A tall woman addresses Sumi as “omoni” (mother in a more formal way) and helps her clean the window. While cleaning, she asks if her son (Manager Shin) is still single and Sumi responds that even if he was, the tall woman isn’t her style. He likes short and plump women like her. Sumi kicks the woman out and in a sour mood, she does her trademark fast smack talk about being called “omoni.”

While Sumi was gone, Manager Shin rummages through their drawers until he finds a blue envelope and a white ring box with a pearl ring inside. Sumi walks in on  this and Manager Shin pretends to be looking for his phone and he praises her for finding it. She knows what he’s up to and tries the grab the box  that is hidden behind him which turns out to be the ring. Manager Shin plays it off and tells her to keep this carefully. Sumi tells him to just take it and sell it off which angers Manager Shin. They start arguing and Sumi was already in a foul mood. He argues about how he’s having such a hard time right now and she argues that he promised they would live happily. In the end, Sumi kicks him out and Manager Shin leaves in a huff.

He opens the door to find the vampires eavesdropping and he leaves the building. The vampires follow behind because if Manager Shin’s leaving, then they have to leave too. Manager Shin asks if Prince Jung as any money to which Prince Jung taps his chest pocket and says of course.

Time to go drinking at the pojangmacha, well, it’s only Manager Shin drinking, I’m sure Prince Jung learned his lesson after what happened last time. Prince Jung asks why Manager Shin married Sumi. He replied that she was once pretty too and Prince Jung was surprised, she was pretty? When? When she was 24 years old? Manager Shin starts talking about how he was rich when he was younger and while the two are conversing, Jong hyun is researching soju on his tablet. Hyun Joong and Soo Hyuk just look bored.

Manager Shin calls out for more soju and Jong Hyun reports to Prince Jung about the alcohol content in soju as well as the ingredients found in it. Manager Shin gives Jong Hyun the stink eye which he totally misses because he’s too busy reporting his findings proudly. Manager Shin tells him to stop talking for once and stresses out on the ground about his life.

Prince Jung points down at Manager Shin and states that he’s turning into a dog. LOL He’s reiterating what Min Kyung told him last episode. His minions nod and take note of this.

Sumi was sulking in her bedroom when her friend walked in and told her to get up. They walked to the living room where Girls Girls sang Happy Birthday to her and gave her a cake. The president asked where Manager Shin was and she told him that he went out to relax which he thought was not very filial. The president asked if her husband was her first love and she said yes.

We got back in time to December 1951 where a baby was abandoned on a field and nobody stopped to take care of it. Manager Shin, who was a soldier at the time, picked up the baby. He tells the baby to stop crying and names her Sumi.

Sumi is now in grade school where she plays with Manager Shin. Sumi remembers that he was a very kind person. Little Sumi tells Manager Shin that when she gets older, she’ll marry him. Manager Shin tells her that he likes girls that study and gives her some pencils as a gift.

She was walking home from school one day and was meeting up with Manager Shin when a car was coming by fast. She nearly gets hit but Manager Shin pushes her out of the way.

In the present, Minah asks if he died and Woo Hee points out that if he did, Manager Shin wouldn’t be born today. Sumi says that the ajusshi (Manager Shin) died and so Brunette said that person must not have been Manager Shin’s dad.

When Sumi was a teenager, she sees a person who looked exactly like the ajusshi. Manager Shin was a teacher at her high school and one day she decides to confess and hand him a love letter. However, he doesn’t pay attention to it at all and instead lectures her about her grades.

He walks away and she angrily crumples up her love letter. She then sets it on fire but she drops it on the desk; she panics and makes it worse by spilling some chemicals and spreading the fire. Manager Shin comes in and tells her to wake up. A huge burning box falls and Manager Shin blocks it from hitting Sumi. A funeral is held where Sumi, still in her hospital clothes, cries.

Minah said that he must have died. Brunette retorts, of course, it’s not like he was a vampire or something (lol, if only she knew). Her friend asks for what happens next and the president asks if she’s not going home yet. Sumi gets up and everyone thinks she’s depressed about telling the story, but she just needed to use the restroom. Heh.

We go back to the pojangmacha where the vampires are now drinking soju with Manager Shin. So…I guess they didn’t learn their lesson. Prince Jung tells Manager Shin that if he’s tired of living then just stop. Manager Shin starts talking about Prince Jung’s name being Jung. Prince Jung then exclaims Lee Jung?! He then says happily there’s some feeling to it. Pfft. Soo Hyuk asks his comrades if there okay while Hyun Joong struggles to keep himself upright. We know who had high tolerance and who had low tolerance. Manager Shin starts talking about how his heart hurts after doing something (not sure). Jong Hyun says he understands that feeling and starts rambling about CPUs and his computers. He looked so adorable talking about it too! Manager Shin tells him to stop with the rambling.

Back at the company, Sumi has rejoined the others and asked where she left off at. The president states that she left off at the funeral. Sumi continues her story.

She missed the teacher a lot but she had to move on. College Sumi was walking down the street with her friends when they paused to watch t.v. College Sumi sees the president giving a badge to a person who looks like Teacher Shin.

Sumi then begins her journey to search for soldier Shin by singing for troops who were in the army. She finally spots him when he does his trademark fixing the wedgie move lolol! She hugs him and they have sex in his car like a Titanic parody (didn’t think they would insinuate that). She looks at the name tag on his army suits and he tells her that he’s not her teacher, but she doesn’t care because she loves him. The war sirens sound and bombs are exploding everywhere, Soldier Shin blocks her in the car to protect her and he dies again.

Min Kyung has now joined the party and started crying while eating cake. The friend asks who she is and she replies that she’s a deliverer. Min Kyung asks what happens next and Sumi replies nothing, she was pregnant and then had Manager Shin. Sumi says she’s going in to rest and the rest talk about how sad her life was. Minah says she feels sorry for Sumi’s boyfriends: killed in a car accident, killed in a fire, killed by a bomb, and she wonders who’s next. She says something that causes the president to spill water on himself.

Sumi continues to remember how she met Manager Shin. We go back to where we left off of her crying over Manager Shin’s grave. The helmet on the gun hits her over the head as the soil starts shaking and Manager Shin comes out. He’s surprised to see her still there and she pieces together that it was him all those times.

She asks how it’s possible and he reveals to her that he’s a vampire – someone who can’t die or get hurt. He tells her to leave and she refuses. He warns her that he’s dangerous and he doesn’t know when he might just suck her blood. She says she doesn’t care. He kisses her.

Manager Shin then tells the vampires that’s how he met Sumi. Prince Jung comments drunkenly that it’s really romantic. Manager Shin says that they still love each other, they just fought over money. Prince Jung asks how much the debt is  and Soo Hyuk tries to stop him, at this point, he’s the only sober one. Manager Shin asks if he’s going to give him the diamond. Prince Jung slams down a huge wad of….Vampyrutus cash which is useless here LOLOLL. He tells Manager Shin to use as much as he wants and to use it comfortably. Prince Jung thinks he gave too little and is about to give more when Manager Shin stops him.

Manager Shin gets up to pay the bill when the blue envelope falls out of his pocket; he had stolen it earlier along with the ring. The blue envelope contained an account statement with money in it. Attached to the back of the statement was a letter from Sumi stating how she was really thankful for meeting him and thanked him for all the memories they have created. Don’t cry when she’s gone for she will always be his baby.

Sumi looks at her wedding ring and remembers the vows that they made to love each other forever. She tries on the ring but it doesn’t fit anymore. She looks in the mirror where the young her stares back but then changes into the present her.

She hears the door and goes to open it. It turns out to be the president who’s drunk and is trying to tell her something but she slams the door on his face after telling him that he’s drunk. There is a knock on the door again but this time it’s Manager Shin stumbling in drunk. He sings an old song that used to be their song while they hug. In the background, Prince Jung has tripped and fell. Jong Hyun tripped over Prince Jung and fell over. Soo Hyuk tried to help Prince Jung up only to fall after Hyun Joong falls on him. LOL. At night, Sumi wants a kiss from Manager Shin but he’s still reluctant and tries to do it with him covering her eyes. In the end she just kissed him first hehe.


It still didn’t beat last weeks episode for me but this one was really more heart wrenching than last weeks, probably because we can relate to Sumi and her feelings on aging. Most of the viewers/recap readers are still young and still have our whole lives ahead of us, but we always get that thought that one day we’ll be old. We’ll get married and have kids or be grandparents.

But enough of those thoughts that make you stay up all night, time for some comments on a more lighter note.

It was really hilarious seeing Manager Shin encounter all those near-death experiences, it was funny only because we knew he was not able to die like that but still, it was cute that they met each  time like fate. I’m hoping that he’ll be able to kiss her again because i don’t like the idea of him being shallow enough to only look at her physical appearance that she has no cause in. Plus, she was with him since she was a baby.

As for the recaps, I will be having a break this coming week, it’s that time of year again for me to go on a week long retreat in the mountains, I’ll try to recap one before I leave but I highly doubt it, have a wonderful Christmas all and don’t forget to be nice next year hehe.

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