Spazzing Around #4

Almost giving this post a weird title: “Spazzong Aroung”. Meh, maybe my mind isn’t completely here right now. Juggling around several tasks at one time isn’t an easy task, but upon seeing this, my mood becomes better. So much better.

The return of the mighty Song-Song couple.. 😉

Not that I’ve completely forgotten Gwang-Soo. Those three make a good team, actually. The legendary youthful trio in Running Man returns in episode 66. Okay, now I’m actually aching to watch this episode!

even the girl wants to follow the cow~


Many a Little Romance also has some new stills..

If this enter my country, I swear I’ll go watch it. As soon as possible. But it’s like looking for a wishing star. A very rare chance to see movies from Korea actually being premiered over here. Anyway, here’s the third trailer, mainly about our main couple, Jeon Ji-Woong and Gu Hong-Sil.

Lastly, my latest lullaby:

Love it.

shared by : WithJoongKi


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