Young King Sejong

He’s so serious. I know, I know, this isn’t Sungkyunkwan Scandal anymore, but there’s a very tiny part of me that still want to believe that he’s Gu Yong-Ha of Joseon. Except that he’s not him anymore, but King Sejong. A king means he’s so serious. All the time, perhaps. And when he’s going to show the different side of him: bubbly and cute? Only behind the scene.

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Yoo Ah In – W Korea Oct 2011

Last time it’s Joong-Ki, this time it’s Ah-In. Curious? Maybe their bromance is somewhat fated to be in this real life, although they’re separated by a month. This time, it’s Yoo Ah-In’s turn to look smoking hot in W Korea, October 2011 edition. A bit late? Well, time does fly, but it’s never too late.

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