[recap] Tree with Deep Roots – Episode 7

At this point, it’s quite hard to just pay attention on the main scenes, as the story goes deeper into each and every character’s profile. Every moment is an important one; every single movement makes you jump. And some scenes just make you want to go live inside the story, despite the murders that are happening in this story almost every day.



Minister Jeong cannot believe what Sejong is saying: Mil-Bon (Hidden Root) is the message that Yoon-Pil had been trying to convey to them. Suddenly, Moo-Hyul comes to inform them about the missing corpses.

Paeng-Nyeon and Sam-Moon are discussing about the tasks that have been given to them separately under the Cheonji (Heaven and Earth) they themselves don’t even know the reason behind and that could be the possible cause to Jip-Hyun Jeon scholars’ death. Then, Sam-Moon hears something and heads outside, but he finds nothing. The masked man, Yoon Pyeong (Lee Soo-Hyuk) is actually there, hiding behind another house.


Scholar Shim is still pondering about the meaning behind the characters and he thinks that if others feel they are already perished, then it’s not the time for them as the Hidden Roots to make their next move. However, Dam-Daek says they have already started it and hands him a letter, which is an order from the Root, known as Scholar Hye Gang. Scholar Shim feels happy about this, assured that they’ve got a strong supporter and decides to meet him.


Pyeong comes and reports what he found out earlier about the corpses’ whereabouts and what he heard from Sam-Moon and Paeng-Nyeon. Scholar Shim, upon hearing this, realizes that the scholars don’t even know each other’s existence inside Cheonji,let alone the reason behind the tasks that have been assigned to them. He then tells Pyeong to watch over Sam-Moon as he’s the one with more curiosity.


Cho-Tak finds Chae-Yoon, who is drinking to tells him about the bad news. He’s still unable to find the corpses and finds it weird. He then asks Chae-Yoon about the paper he retrieved from Yoon Pil but before he could get the answer, Park Po comes and asks about what they are talking about. He scolds them for keeping secrets from him and almost starts another round of argument with Cho-Tak, but Chae-Yoon manages to prevent it by telling them to eat after a tiring search for the corpses around the city.


They begin their discussion about the paper and all the things associated with the murders. Chae-Yoon explains it to Cho-Tak and Park Po and he then draws a conclusion: it’s impossible for the killer to steal the corpses, so it must be someone who wants to look for something. He tells them, it’s probably the Jip-Hyun Jeon scholars who took the corpses away. They go out to Jip-Hyun Jeon, with Park Po grumbling about the long explanation made by Chae-Yoon that makes his head spin. Chae-Yoon tells them to watch over the dead scholars’ houses as their bodies will be probably returned to their families by the scholars who took away the bodies. Officer Jeong comes and explains about the task they have to do: an explanation to the dead scholars’ families about the occasion. The four of them head out to their destination.


Sejong is listening to the worker that study about sounds when he suddenly orders for Jo Mal-Saeng to meet him. However, Jo Mal-Saeng is already at his quarters, wishing to meet him personally. Minister Jo hands over a scroll and explains about Taejong’s last word to him, which is to help Sejong when anything strange happens. He believes the time has come and tells Sejong about Mil-Bon’s existence. He offers to show him the proof.

Together with Moo-Hyul, they secretly go to Jeong Do-Kwang’s residence, which is now an abandoned place. Minister Jo shows Sejong the secret cave that Taejong found and Sejong, as what Taejong did, read the script written on the wall of the cave. He asks Minister Jo, whether he’s sure or not about Mil-Bon’s involvement with the murders.


Scholar Shim is meeting the said Scholar Hye Gang and tries to pull him back into Mil-Bon/Hidden Root. Scholar Hye Gang is not pleased with the idea as he already knows about the death of Jeong Do-Jeon and Jeong Do-Kwang and with all the Jeong family members dead, no one can lead the Roots anymore. He is mad, thinking that Scholar Shim is trying to make another group under the name of Hidden Root but Scholar Shim says there’s another family member of Sam Bong who has survived.


Sejong still doesn’t believe about Mil-Bon as it has been inactive with no one that could lead it after Sam Bong’s family were all killed, but Minister Jo says there’s still one person left, Jeong Do-Jeon’s family who is still alive.

Scholar Shim tells Scholar Hye Gang about Jeong Ki-Joon, and at the same time, Minister Jo also says the same thing to Sejong and reminds him about Sejong’s own attempt to save the said person. He gives Sejong the records about Jeong Ki-Joon.


Chae-Yoon visits Scholar Heo Dam’s house and from his wife, he gets to know what is the book that Chae-Yoon delivered to him before he’s killed. It’s Bi Ba Sa Ron, a Buddhism script written in Sanskrit. He also finds out about a book shop in Banchon, where Scholar Heo Dam discussed about the book with someone. He tells Officer Jeong to wait there to catch the culprit who’s going to deliver the corpse and heads to Banchon with the other two.


He enters the library and surprisingly, Yoon Pyeong is the person in charge of the place! Pyeong recognizes him and quickly covers his astonishment. Chae-Yoon sees an iron band on Pyeong’s wrist and remembers the pattern that So-Yi drew for him. He realizes the person in front of him is the masked man and decides to attack, but his sword is not with him.


Reading Chae-Yoon’s suspicious behavior, Pyeong also holds his guard up. When Chae-Yoon wants to go out, pretending to find his missing wallet, Pyeong doesn’t waste any more time. He holds his sword on Chae-Yoon’s throat, hurting him bit by bit. Luckily Cho-Tak enters and saves him, but Pyeong successfully escapes. Chae-Yoon wants to follow him, but Cho-Tak prevents him from doing the leap in front of the public. They chase after Pyeong but lost him. Officer Jeong comes to tell them about the dead body, which is sent inside the coffin from the King. They spread to get the people who brought the coffin. Chae-Yoon wipes the blood on his neck, pissed off with Yoon Pyeong.


Sejong is alone on his throne, thinking about Jeong Ki-Joon and Mil-Bon. He vents his anger, but unknown to him, So-Yi is watching over, worried about him. The next day, Sejong meets with Prince Gwangpyeong. He tells him to stop a matter they’re working on as he’s not going to focus on it for the meantime. So-Yi tells him about her meeting with Scholar Jang later on 3 at Banchon’s bookshop. Through So-Yi, Sejong wants Scholar Jang to burn all the things related to the matter.


Chae-Yoon, together with a troop of the palace guards, is already raiding the bookshop, searching for Pyeong. Dam-Daek is informed about this and the Banchon people heads to the bookshop, fully armed. The bookshop owner tells about his new worker and suddenly, the Banchon people are already outside. They are ready to fight with the guards but Chae-Yoon breaks the tensed situation. He asks Dam-Daek about Pyeong, but she pretends not to know anything about the new guy. Chae-Yoon looks around and recognizes So-Yi, who’s there to meet Scholar Jang. Before he could go after her, he lost her.


So-Yi tells Scholar Jang Seong-Su what has been ordered by Sejong: to hand all the documents to her and stay at his home. She conveys Sejong’s wish for him to be safe and sets up another meeting time with him to collect the documents. Scholar Jang heads out alone, but he’s cornered and surrounded by some men, all of a sudden.


Sejong gets the news about what happened in Banchon and he’s surprised to know about the murderer who’s hiding inside Banchon. Jo Mal-Saeng then meets him to report the same thing, and he further tries to make Sejong believe about Mil-Bon’s existence and the probability of the scholars to be involved, hence everyone can be suspected. Minister Jo expresses his concern about the murder cases and offers to investigate the case. Sejong chuckles, asking how can he trust him when he’s the one who told him not to trust anyone. Minister Jo is satisfied, telling Sejong to suspect everyone, even the people close to him.

On his way out, he meets Minister Lee, who starts asking about his frequent meetings with Sejong. Minister Jo throws a surprise question about Mil-Bon but Minister Lee treats it only as a folk tale. They part ways, but still with suspicion on each other.


Moo-Hyul finds Sejong lying down without his red outer garment, clearly thinking about something. Sejong goes into a heart-to-heart talk with him and tells him about his intention to kill people when he can’t trust himself as a King.

Dam-Daek is with Pyeong, asking how Chae-Yoon is able to recognize him. She then reminds him to make no more mistakes when dealing with his next assignment: Seong Sam-Moon.


Scholar Jang is brought to see Chief Scholar Choi, who is in fury after he found weird books in Scholar Jang’s possession. He cries and asks for punishment, but he has a relieved look on his face, grateful because no one suspects anything odd. Well, except for Sam-Moon, who recognize a Sanskrit text among the books that belongs to Scholar Jang.


Chae-Yoon and Cho-Tak is at the house of the man who delivered the coffin. Chae-Yoon observes the old man and knows he’s the one who moved the dead bodies. To make him say out who gave him the order to do it, Cho-Tak brings out the old man’s grandson and cut him. The old man cries, admitting that it’s Sam-Moon’s order. They leave, and the cute little grandson of the man enters. It’s the chicken which got killed, actually.


Later, Sam-Moon follows Scholar Jang to face him about the books. Scholar Jang refuses to tell him the truth and lies about his weird hobby of reading dirty books. Sam-Moon cuts his words, saying that he knows about the secret mission. He grabs Scholar Jang’s collar and accidentally reveals the tattoo, proving himself as another member of Cheonji. Unable to hold him longer, Sam-Moon grabs Scholar Jang and both of them tumble down, trying to beat each other. After their fight, Scholar Jang promises to tell Sam-Moon about the matter and leaves. Sam-Moon, who’s left behind, is being observed by someone. Scholar Jang, who arrives at the temple, is approached by someone.


Chae-Yoon finds out about their location and walks around with Cho-Tak but suddenly, they see a woman figure walking inside the forest: she’s So-Yi, on her way to meet Scholar Jang. Meanwhile, Scholar Jang is now with Pyeong and he’s being asked to give the books he’s holding. Pyeong tells him to follow him but he runs away, screaming to warn So-Yi. Chae-Yoon, Cho-Tak, and So-Yi hear his scream and Chae-Yoon knows Scholar Jang is going to face his death soon. Cho-Tak goes to save him, while Chae-Yoon appears in front of So-Yi to warn her.


Scholar Jang is dead and Pyeong is leaving, but Cho-Tak has come near him. Yoon Pyeong leaps onto the trees and in a blink of an eye, he jumps down and cuts Cho-Tak on his shoulder before he leaps off into the forest. Chae-Yoon finds the hurt Cho-Tak and he tells Chae-Yoon to go and find the masked man. It’s his time to leap and he catches up with Pyeong. So-Yi arrives at the palace and delivers the news about Scholar Jang’s death to Sejong.


Still in their own defense, Chae-Yoon challenges Pyeong and the other man declines, saying that he’s not interested in dealing with a fool like him. He leaps off, with Chae-Yoon following him and with a single blow, Chae-Yoon cuts off the mask, revealing Yoon Pyeong’s face. He is now interested with Chae-Yoon that has the skills as good as his.


They draw out their swords, ready to fight each other.

[END of episode 7]

This is my favorite episode so far. The story stretches to the outside of the palace and shows that it’s not only about the king. It’s about the people and how people could bring so much change to what’s happening inside the palace and inside the king’s head. Just like Hidden Roots’ concept of the king as the flower and the people as the roots to a tree-like nation, the citizens could accomplish big things and even bring the king down.

Maybe this time, there are less scenes of Sejong compared to the previous ones, but the show isn’t left stagnant. Instead, the audiences are given a chance to explore the world behind the murders and know the murderer. It’s no longer a mystery by now, provided that Chae-Yoon already recognizes Pyeong’s face, but there’s so much going on and it’s not just a series of murder. It goes beyond that, the scope for now, infinite and unknown.

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