More Posters for Penny-Pinching Romance

So much cuteness I almost want to pinch their cheeks. Apparently, another batch of posters were released for the movie Penny-Pinching Romance, featuring the main characters: Cha Ji-Woong and Goo Hong-Sil. The movie is currently being premièred in the cinemas around you. Well, it is the truth, technically, if you’re in South Korea. How I wish I’m there right now..

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Spazzing Around #4

Almost giving this post a weird title: “Spazzong Aroung”. Meh, maybe my mind isn’t completely here right now. Juggling around several tasks at one time isn’t an easy task, but upon seeing this, my mood becomes better. So much better.

The return of the mighty Song-Song couple.. 😉

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Joong Ki’s Teaser Collection

After a bunch of magazine photo shoots from him, this time, it’s his time to shine both on the small and big screen. It’s nearly the time for Joong-Ki’s film Many a Little Romance with Han Ye-Seul and drama Tree with Deep Roots to air, and it feels so good to see him in both hanbok as a king and daily clothing like a normal boy next door. Ah, the charms of a birthday boy!

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