Running Man: Episode 264 (recap)

On Sunday’s episode, two stars make their first-time-ever appearance on popular variety show Running Man (RM). Guess who? Both guests are starring in upcoming movie, Detective: The Beginning. They are none other than leading man Kwon Sang Woo and veteran actor Sung Dong Il! Watch them in action as they join the cast members on a mission to find out who their mysterious client X is. And perhaps be in for a surprise?

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Spazzing Around #4

Almost giving this post a weird title: “Spazzong Aroung”. Meh, maybe my mind isn’t completely here right now. Juggling around several tasks at one time isn’t an easy task, but upon seeing this, my mood becomes better. So much better.

The return of the mighty Song-Song couple.. ūüėČ

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Welcome Back!

To¬†commemorate¬†the first episode of Tree with Deep Roots which is going to be aired tonight and the surprise that Joong-Ki filmed Running Man again this evening, it’s quite appropriate for me to say, “Welcome back to the small screen, dear Joong-Ki!”. Including the latest trailer of Many a Little Romance, these are like a triple happiness for me. Way to go, Joong-Ki sshi!

err…now who’s that? Is that you, Joong-Ki sshi?

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