Tree with Deep Roots – Gallery

Checking it out mainly because of Joong-Ki, but decides to give it a try because I’m interested after reading the synopsis: solving murder mystery that leads to another bigger mystery. It’s a sageuk (obviously) and full of hanboks, so I think it’s going to be one of my stress reliever when I can’t understand a single word when I’m watching. Anticipating this to be good as the predecessor dramas in this timeslot have been quite a bomb in terms of ratings and storyline.

Here’s the early stills of the casts, including the extended ones. I’m actually excited because I can recognize some of the familiar faces.

Introducing the main casts:

  • King Sejong/ Yi Do (Han Suk-Kyu)

  • Kang Chae-Yun (Jang Hyuk)

  • So Yi (Shin Se-Kyung)

  • young King Sejong/ Yi Do (Song Joong-Ki)

Extended casts:

  • King Taejong (Baek Yun-Shik) – King Sejong’s father

I was cracking my head to know where I’ve seen him before, and ting! He’s Woo Chi’s teacher in Jeon Woo Chi: The Taoist Wizard! He looks younger without the white hair.

  • Jo Mal Saeng (Lee Jae-Yong)

He’s probably the Minister of War one of the big guys in the court and from his almost cunning expression, he’s still the bad guy here.

  • Lee Shin-Jeok (Ahn Seok-Hwan)

He, older. Maybe because of that white wig and moustache.

  • Moo Hyul (Jo In Woong)

Why this ahjusshi is so cute?

More pictures!


Young and matured King Sejong


King Sejong: throughout the years


I’m wondering: will these three meet each other? Or So Yi and Chae-Yun will only meet King Sejong later?

source: Tree with Deep Roots official website

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