So Goodbye, City Hunter..

It ended. It really ended. Another great drama has ended. Although I didn’t plan to watch it while it’s still airing, I ended up watching it and waiting for it every week. Part to it, thanks to Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-Young, who added some interest for me to watch it besides the storyline. Anyway, time to move on now. But I’ll always regards this series as one of the best in its own genre: action, sprinkled with some romance here and there.

From what I’ve watched (and based on my own opinion), it’s all about revenge and the wrongdoings of the adults that makes the life of a gentleman named Lee Yoon-Sung. Without any doubt, he’s the most pitiful character here, because he is the one that is most affected by all of this, that starts with the 1983 Sweep Operation (did I get that right? the name?).

Pity him: he’s just a boy, who’s fated to be an illegitimate child to a President, but gets dragged into the conflicts of the adults. Like what he says: he’s just wishing to live an ordinary life, together with Jin-Pyo. Ah, he has lived such a hard life! Taking revenge for those who weren’t even related to him, he must be flustered with Jin-Pyo, to use him as his puppet for revenge.

But then, from Jin-Pyo’s point of view, his life isn’t all roses either. Living with a guilt, being the only one survived in a horrible incident, makes his intention of revenging his army brothers stronger, day by day. Maybe he thought that Yoon-Sung is the one who should make the Group of Five pay for what they’ve done because if Moo-Yul wasn’t dead, Yoon-Sung would be taken care of him, who was willing to take him as his own child. Sometimes, he seems to be too cruel, for wishing Mr President, Choi Eung-Chan, to be killed by Yoon-Sung himself. That’s not a nice thing to wish for, sir.

People are speculating about Jin-Pyo just raising Yoon-Sung as his ace to bring down the Group of Five, but he does have some extra love in his heart for Yoon-Sung. His ways of educating him are sure a little bit harsh (okay, he’s a soldier), but he is willing to sacrifice anyone, even an innocent one like Kim Young-Joo, or himself, to protect Yoon-Sung. He does have a daddy’s conscience deep in his steel heart. Plus, he really lived up to his goal: to clear the names of soldiers that get claimed as traitors.

And his sacrifice is not worthless. 

Heartbreak. That was my first reaction after this scene. I wish that the show more of their interactions afterwards, but this scene is a pure heartbreak, especially for a daddy’s girl like me. When Mr President apologizes to Yoon-Sung for making a mistake that ruin his own son’s life, I could imagine in parallel universe, where they actually live together: Mr President, Yoon-Sung, and Yoon-Sung’s mother. Fate sure is complicated for some people. And the way he calls Yoon-Sung dearly just make me burst into tears.

I couldn’t help but imagining things a little bit: if Yoon-Sung was raised by Mr President, he might become friends with Young-Joo, and they’ll be the best buddies, I’m sure. How nice it’ll be if they’re able to work as a team, because I secretly wishing them to be one. The workaholic, serious, capable prosecutor Kim Young-Joo, died after trying to protect the law that he’s trying to enforce all his life.

Sometimes, I just hate it when they give all the sweetest moments in a row before collapsing all the buildings of hope built by the characters (and the audiences like me). I started crying when Se-Hee bravely faces the thugs sent by Chun Jae-Man to retrieve the secret book and says that she’s Young-Joo’s wife, and they have to ask for his permission before taking the book. Awww. I love her! The show even make me hoping that they’ll end up together, but my hope gets tarnished pretty badly.

The last glance of hope and happiness by Young-Joo, before he gets covered in a mess of blood (which I’ll never be able to watch with a calm heart, and without tears in my eyes). 

Another daddies’ moments (which is almost everywhere in this story) which is touching, when Mr President goes to pay his respect to the late Young-Joo. It is frustrating to see Kim Jong-Shik actually waking up from his coma right after Young-Joo’s death, and missed his last chance of meeting his son. To think that his son actually asks for forgiveness on his behalf is totally sad. And when Mr President looks at him, and he smiles, with tears streaming down his face, is another heartbreak for me. Which makes me screams for the eleventh time, why you have to kill him, show?

Luckily, Yoon-Sung is not covered with so much blood as Young-Joo. Thank God. Luckily he’s just being shot. Not stabbed, or anything worse.

Whoops, I actually saves Na-Na for the last for so much reasons. I love her character, a brave, independent young woman. Unlike typical weak girl, she has a very strong heart and even become a bodyguard, which isn’t a normal job for a woman. She even has the gut to confess first (which makes me like her more). It’s true that she has more screen time in the first half of the drama that the later one. Maybe it’s  because she has a link to Kim Jong-Shik about her parents’ accident and at the same time, there’s not much harm directed towards Yoon-Sung, so Na-Na is able to work together with him. Then, after Yoon-Sung starts to work on Chun Jae-Man, things doesn’t get much linked to Na-Na but more to his mother. Moreover, Chun Jae-Man is one dangerous guy (plus with Jin-Pyo hovering around), so I think it’s a wise decision for the story to push her to the back for some time, before she’s back in action when she’s protecting Mr President. I’m sure, if she’s still beside Yoon-Sung when he’s pursuing Chun Jae-Man, she might get killed, and everybody would be in rage.

So, I’m just being content with the ending, where they stare at each other lovingly, although without any hugs or kisses (imagine it yourself LOL), at least everyone knows that they are living happily, somewhere around the world. Plus, they are not separated by death, and I don’t have to shed any tears anymore. I think I had enough crying.

Anyway, I enjoy watching it, although I admit, I sometimes don’t like it very much when there’s too much fighting scene, because I keep remembering about Min-Ho’s injuries. But he looks like he’s having so much fun fighting, and he even lets his perfect hairstyle to be ruined like this. City Hunter, you’re the best! >o<

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