2011 Appreciation Post

Another year is going to end and another year is coming in less than 24 hours. Sounds pretty fast, right? Many dramas started and ended, some being better than the others and a few went down the lane pretty miserably. Rambles aside, this year is pretty much a good and bad year for me. The reasons, in no particular order…

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So Goodbye, City Hunter..

It ended. It really ended. Another great drama has ended. Although I didn’t plan to watch it while it’s still airing, I ended up watching it and waiting for it every week. Part to it, thanks to Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-Young, who added some interest for me to watch it besides the storyline. Anyway, time to move on now. But I’ll always regards this series as one of the best in its own genre: action, sprinkled with some romance here and there.

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