Keeping My Faith Intact

It’s been only two weeks since I had the chance to catch up with Faith, and although I didn’t follow it closely from the beginning, I find myself slowly drawn into the drama, thanks to the few charms that the drama has in its possession. I might not be an avid fan of Faith for me to go scouring the web for stills and making videos, but one thing I am sure right now: I will stay in the bandwagon until the end. That being said, I’m willing to keep my faith intact for the drama Faith.

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So Goodbye, City Hunter..

It ended. It really ended. Another great drama has ended. Although I didn’t plan to watch it while it’s still airing, I ended up watching it and waiting for it every week. Part to it, thanks to Lee Min-Ho and Park Min-Young, who added some interest for me to watch it besides the storyline. Anyway, time to move on now. But I’ll always regards this series as one of the best in its own genre: action, sprinkled with some romance here and there.

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