Myung Wol’s Ships

Here we are, stuck in the middle of the story. Episode 8 has aired, and this left the story another eight episodes to go. Wow, time does flies very fast when I am doing something that I love to do (for instance, watching a favorite drama of mine) and it sure knows how to slow down very well at times (especially when I’m sitting in a class that bores me to the brim of sleeping). I’m torn between right now, with the ending fast approaching us in four weeks’ time, about my ship. Oh, how I wish that Myung-Wol would be all childish and playful with Kang-Woo, but a little part of my heart also wants Choi Ryu to get her. That’s the problem when you are such a softy at heart: you’ll always falls into the category of those who are experiencing second lead syndrome, just like me.

Okay, I know, now I look like I’m jumping completely into Choi Ryu-Myung-Wol’s ship, but that’s not 100% true. Who can resist the vibe that Kang-Woo gives off when he’s with Myung-Wol? I’m talking about the chemistry, not the sekki that Myung-Wol lacks. Although sometimes, it’s clear that he emits some of that, indicated by his hilarious expressions.

After his unexpected slap last week that makes me somehow pissed with him, Kang-Woo redeems himself for his mistake by having a bad love struck symptoms. I can’t keep my face straight while watching, because every time he comes on screen with that lovesick puppy look, I just laughed out loud.

I feel sorry for him ,but it’s his fault to try hard not to admit that he likes Myung-Wol so much. Just admit it, you snobbish man! It’s obvious that you like her so much until you’re seeing her everywhere,literally. Man, these two would make such a hilarious couple, one who’s totally clueless with her feelings but trying hard to show her love, and another who’s completely smitten but trying hard not to show it. Oh, you two..

My heart skipped a beat during this scene. I mean, really, Kang-Woo? That’s so fast! But then, the truth dawns on the viewers (and Myung-Wol, who looks so..shocked) that he knows about the ‘Marry Kang-Woo’ mission! Now, that’s really fast! Please please please, I don’t want their ship to sink so soon! Hopefully they are not going to be separated, with Kang-Woo thinking that she’s just using him (at first, yes), she doesn’t have the chance to show her actual feelings yet! Let them be with each other!

I am so excited to see them together. I mean, overly excited. With Choi Ryu in his suit all the time, and shy Myung-Wol, they look like people who met for the first time in a matchmaking date. Or a newlywed couple. Yes, they are so awkward when they act like lovers, but the awkwardness that makes this couple so adorable.

With Choi Ryu practically jumps away every time he’s in a physical contact with Myung-Wol, that just makes his feelings towards her more visible. He even nearly confessed about his feelings (and yes, she realizes about it!) but he covered it up. I can’t forget his face when he goes to save Myung-Wol from the thugs, but she in turn saves Kang-Woo. Oh, I sense a moment of heartbreak there. Poor him..

I have no words to describe how I like this scene. They are so awkward (with all the serious mission-like statements), but they really look good in each other’s arms. He even has this look that says, “This girl is mine!” when he looks at Kang-Woo, who tries hard to smile despite his emerging jealously to see them. At least, Choi Ryu gets his moment of glory too when he’s with Myung-Wol. He even kisses her! “In the name of our nation, and our mission!” That’s what he said before. Trust me, that’s not the coolest pick-up line, and you’ll regret it later, Choi Ryu!

Too many funny moments that couldn’t be described here, partly because my own notebook is broken and I’m just hopping from one person’s notebook to another. *sigh* I’m restless to see what will happen next week, because I really want Kang-Woo-Myung-Wol’s ship to sail smoothly, but I also wish that Choi Ryu-Myung-Wol’s ship will at least, appear (with some confession) and not just sink into the deep sea just like that.

I guess it’s all in Myung-Wol’s hands, because she’s the only one who can make decisions about her love life. Say, Myung-Wol, who’ll be your choice?

2 thoughts on “Myung Wol’s Ships

  1. It’s going to be VERY interesting to see how they get these two back together now. The dynamic where Myung Wol is after him for political reasons, and he’s going to be set against her because she has a motive is a little bit tougher than the usual K-Drama obstacle-course.

    I’m actually holding off on watching ep. 8 (though I read a lot of a recap) so I can dive right into ep. 9 and see where it goes from THAT cliffhanger.

    …I think it will be very cute to see Kang Woo in mourning, but don’t let HIM know that…

    ~ ~

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