The Greatest Love : The Greatest Moments

A random post, because I love this story. I’m so loving it until I’m willing to put my precious sleep hours away, and I prefer to draw some Dokko Jins and Pil-Joos in my notebook rather than jotting down what the lecturers are saying in the classes. Can’t do anything about it, just have to deal with it.

It’s a rom-com, so I do expect some good laughs in between, but it totally kills me. I laugh so hard every time I watch it, except for some scenes. Hong Sisters are never to be underestimated, so have faith in them, and go watch this, if you haven’t. And for myself’s sake, who is still having some withdrawal symptom (thank God it’s not as those post-SeGa era), I present…’10 Greatest Moments of The Greatest Love’!


#10 : You-King Ssagaji-Very Much

The first time that Dokko realizes that Ae-Jung is someone who is at the same level as his, in terms of her temper. Ha. Piss someone off and the person will do that again to you, only several times greater. Ae-Jung begins to tease him about his lack of English competency that leads to his failure to get a role. He almost hit her, but thanks to some fans who are passing by, Ae-Jung is saved by Dokko’s pride. And he turns all sweet little boy in front of them. But he is clearly holding his bubbling anger, which turns into a small-but-gets-all-big-because-it-is-Dokko-Jin’s accident. Guess who gets all the blame? Of course it’s Ae-Jung.


#09 : The Guessing Game

One of the prime events that actually links both of them together, whether between themselves or in front of the whole nation. I am clapping like a madman during this scene.

It’s rather sweet, actually, when Dokko finally picks up the call when he remembers Ae-Jung’s words about rejection. And to see him answering the questions a bit too eager cracks me up, totally unaware about his bribe secret which has been leaked out by the person who promises to keep it as a secret: Ae-Jung.

Hah, he does like it very much, actually! He even plays with the tangerine that have been brought by Ae-Jung, but his mood turns sour when he says grape. Haha.

Also, this guessing thing is also the thing that binds Dokko and Ae-Jung’s nephew, Hyung-Kyu, (who is so cute as a pumpkin, albeit his mushroom hair) who receives the nickname Ding-Dong because of the sound that he makes when Dokko answers his questions correctly. It’s funny because although he is angry, but he still answers every questions given by Ding-Dong.


#08 : (see below)

Enough said, Dokko Jin and Jae-Seok change me. I’ll never be able to hear G-Dragon’s version of Heartbreaker with a straight face anymore. Not without bursting into laughter, recalling their ‘awesome’ duet.

A way-too-immersed-into-the-song Dokko Jin, almost turns into a violent person and cracking up his heart. Poor man, with unrequited love.


#07 : “See? I’m a rebel!” ~Pil-Joo

Thinking that he could try to practice what have bee taught by Ae-Jung, about using your emotions to tackle people, he shows his best collections of ‘I-am-rebelling-right-now’ looks, only to go unnoticed by the PD and scriptwriter.

He even make a mini hunger strike by refusing to eat the kimbap, and goes out to buy some ramen, but he finds something.

He finds the vitamin drink endorsed by Dokko (and of course, with his face on it and his ghost-like laugh) and frowns his cute frown even more.


#06 : Camellias, Azaleas, and Potatoes

Stories within a story; but why all of them are plants? Is it because the storyteller (Dokko) is a nature lover? Anyone can explain?

Story 1, Camellia – About a nobleman who falls in love with a nobody woman, who rejects his gift, in the form of potatoes. To avenge his pitiful, rejected heart (and potatoes), the man tortures the woman’s treasured chicken.

Although the chicken is unknown, the potato exists in Ae-Jin version of the story, which is quite significant and cute, because he takes good care of the dearly potato.

After almost being executed to death by boiling in water like its brother potatoes, The Mighty Potato survives and even grows well, under the care of Dokko.

Well, it should be growing healthily, living under the same roof with a Hallyu star (and facing his two photos) and gets some kisses once in a while. The potato is living a dream life of potatoes around the world.

Story 2, Azalea – Based on a poem, he tries to make Ae-Jung stays by his side, by making his heart like azaleas that will be broken and scattered if she goes to Pil-Joo’s side. Dokko fails miserably, when he accidentally shows his extremely good health.


#05 : Ding-Dong, The Loyal Alliance

Awww…I love Hyung-Kyu, a.k.a Ding-Dong, because he has done so much to bring Dokko and Ae-Jung together. And because I love the friendship between him and Dokko.

>///< Ding-Dong, why you’re so cute?

The most faithful Dokko Team member is him, with his endless loyalty and faith towards Dokko Jin. He even confesses his mistake by accepting the donuts from Pil-Joo. Hahaha~ cute Ding-Dong!

They look like father and son, don’t they?

The sweetest reunion I’ve ever seen in KDrama history 😉


#04 : A Shocking Confession!

…made by Jae-Seok to Dokko, and gets misunderstood by Ae-Jung.

Drunk Jae-Seok is just going to tell Dokko about how he doesn’t want him to die, but his words (and weird gestures) are misunderstood by Ae-Jung. It looks like Dokko is enjoying it as much as Jae-Seok does. Oh, okay, bromance time? 😀


#03 : For the Sake of the Purple Shoes..

Because of Ae-Jung’s old purple sneakers, these two gentlemen are willing to do anything get their hands on it. Thus, begins a battle in an auction between them.

And the winner is…?





Of course, it’s Dokko Jin, leaving the heartbroken Pil-Joo in front of his desktop.


#02 : The Real Chicken is Dokko Jin

Hmph. Yep. What Ae-Jung says is right. He does have a beastly image, almost not fitting his sick heart state. Behind those good-looking body, lies another defects of Dokko Jin: he is a chicken at heart.

He’s so scared when he hears Ae-Jung walking around his house like a thief, and thinks that it’s Jae-Seok, trying to play a prank on him. Although it is understandable, for someone like him to be careful around his heart, it’s still hilarious to see someone as big as him, running around with a golf club in his hand, while he can actually knock someone down with his fists.

 Also, The Legend of Unfortunate, Tonic-Infected Underwear of Dokko Jin is born, with Ae-Jung using a white underwear that belongs to Dokko to wipe the spilled tonic on the floor. The act that…

..turns Ae-Jung speechless..

…makes Pil-Joo confused…

…and proves that Dokko Jin loves to say the word ‘panty’.



#01 : A Taste of Karma/ Pervert Stalker!

I can’t remember how many times I’ve been replaying this scene, and I still laugh at their reactions. Oh Dokko, here’s what it’s like to be hiding from someone.

He even gets excited to discover the secret behind Ae-Jung’s smell: her face cream, and even applies it on his face. LOL his actions are like a pervert stalker already, although he denies it.

Wipe, wipe, wipe the cursed tonic (that’s always spilled at a very wrong time) and this time, luckily it’s not a panty again, just a pair of freshly washed white shorts that belongs to Ae-Jung.

Okay, he’s totally being at a wrong place at a wrong time now, but..

..those who hide will always be found, and worse..

..there’ll always be a misunderstanding. Heee~


opps…forgot to include this!

How to Show People that You’re Angry – Yoon Pil-Joo’s Style!

1 – Stare at them intensely.

2 – Throw away the fruits that the person has brought along.

3 – Step on the bananas, if necessary (to show your anger).

4 – Scare the person away.

5 – Trip the person until the person falls down.

6 – Put an amusing look on your face.

~consider your angry message has been delivered to the person if the person leaves immediately!


Personally, I love every hug scenes (hihi) between Ae-Jung and Dokko Jin, because they look so comfortable with each other.

“like magnets”

“sorry seems to be the hardest words”

“I’ll protect you, even when I’m dead”

“I want to see your smile again”

..and these little gestures just make my heart melts..

“be my lie detector”

“you’re the prettiest frog”

“be proud of yourself”


and of course, this one.. (:

“I’ll protect you”

This, probably, one-of-a-kind confession? Where an entire nation is witnessing it?

“I love you”

Okay, I should stop spazzing here, for the time being. I truly enjoy myself watching this, although I finished this series in such a short time, but I have so much fun, thanks to Dokko Jin and Ae-Jung. Lucky them to find their greatest love in each other!

I wonder if these two will end up together someday..hopefully yes!

~the adorkable couple ;]

3 thoughts on “The Greatest Love : The Greatest Moments

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful Recharge! But you have left out the “Three Roses” it was such an awesome moment that for a moment I want to ship the P-line too! As well as the Testing Kiss, Bad guy recharge…Kiss, 1st Recharge Hug, Car Date, Picnic Date, Star Date and many, many more..OMG that make me wanna watch again!

    1. Oh yess! Those moments that you said are my favorites too! I was trying to limit it to 10 only, although I failed and added another one, so that’s why, but it’s actually hard to find my favorite moments because I love ALL of them! ^_^
      Anyway, thanks a lot for your comment! *runs off to watch it again*

  2. ha ha ha love love love your post . . . this should be read by everyone having withdrawal with BL . . . and i agree that the perverted stalker scene is the ultimate hilarity in the drama . . . and of course the “nationwide telecast confession” shocked everyone . . . love this AeJin couple forever

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