Missing The Greatest Love…

Totally hooked, I was only watching it for avoiding any sign of sleepiness, and I ended up watching all the episodes. It gave me a good stomachache from all the laugh that I went through, thanks to Dokko Jin and his endless self-consciousness. Ah, not to forget, the ‘No One’ Oriental Doctor, with his endless expressions. Love him.

10asia recently did some interviews with some of the casts, and their pictures are just…beauty. In case anyone has forgotten the casts, here they are, featured in 10asia website!

Our main pairing!^^

Dokko Jin (Cha Seung-Won) – cool on the outside, total softie at heart

Gu Ae-Jung (Gong Hyo-Jin) – problematic but so optimistic

Yoon Pil-Joo (Yoon Kye-Sang) – leader of  Team Pil-Joo

Kim Jae-Seok (Im Ji-Kyu) – the cutest manager

It’ll be nicer if Yoo In-Na is there too. Hopefully 10asia will do an interview with her. She’s too pretty to be missed out!

cr : 10asia

2 thoughts on “Missing The Greatest Love…

  1. is this drama really good? I heard from another LYWers that it’s good. Is it better than Brilliant Legacy? Cause I am watching it bit by bit & it’s a long drama… & I am also re-watching LYW’s Pure Heart.

    1. It’s a recommended drama if you want a very good laugh. Yeah, I can’t stop laughing because of this drama. It’s shorter than Brilliant Legacy, a normal 16-episode drama, but it’s rom-com, not as serious as Brilliant Legacy. It does have some serious moments, but it is an enjoyable drama for me, so yes, I think this drama is so good! Plus, it’s written by Hong Sisters! 🙂

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