Myung Wol the Spy : first impression(s)

Great. Just great. I’m trying to cut down my daily dose of Kdramas lately as I can sense that my grades are going to go down this semester, but the plan is all ruined now. Oh, I mindlessly downloaded the episodes, watched them, and here I am, writing away my first impression of Myung Wol the Spy. I think I’m completely hooked right now, ready to ship Myung-Wol and Kang-Woo. Aahh…why they look so great together?

Here’s a glimpse of the story: Han Myung-Wol (Han Ye-Seul), who is a North Korean spy, gets entangled with a Hallyu star, Kang-Woo (Eric Mun) to carry out an almost-impossible mission: marry him in order to make the North’s entertainment as flashy as the South. Working alongside her is her senior, Choi Ryu (Lee Jin-Wook), who might harbors some feelings towards her. Kang Woo also has someone crushing on him :Joon In-Ah (Jang Hee-Jin), a-heiress-turned-actress, who gets dubbed as Korean Paris Hilton.

I can’t wait anymore to spazz about this, there are so many things that get me hooked right away after just watching the first episode!

Myung-Wol, the spy. I love all the things about her: beauty, skills, bad-ass, and her strong willing to survive and achieve her goals. Choi Ryu says that acting before thinking is her fatal weakness, I think it’s her instinct to survive makes her like that, as she is an orphan.

She can pull off the uniforms very well. She looks so smart in those uniforms and actually, I hope to see more of her in the uniforms (which would be so rare after this while she’s carrying out her mission).

Since this story is about spies and secret missions, it involves some undercover in between, which is something that is not so common in Kdramas. Yes, I love it when Myung-Wol keeps changing from one role to another. She’s like a chameleon, a beautiful one. From a reporter to a high school girl, what can’t she be?

Ah, the process of transforming I-am-like-a-steel Myung-Wol to I-am-sexy-angelic-diva Myung Wol. And the result is?

A brand-new Myung-Wol, wearing a dress no less, who goes to blindly confess her love to Kang-Woo and gets rewarded with a free kiss. Lucky.

Kang-Woo, the Hallyu star, but he himself is a mystery. With the backing up by In-Ah’s grandfather (mostly in monetary basis I think) and the interest that he have in the mystery book that is being hunted by the North as well is abnormal. Like what a star is, his life is unknown, but he is far more mysterious. Anyway, I like his English accent and voice. It keeps ringing in my ears all day long.

He is as cute as a puppy in this scene, hiding under Myung-Wol’s blanket. So cute~(─‿‿─)

Just throw Kang-Woo and Myung-Wol in a scene together, and that’s my favorite scene. Is it just me, or they have such an amazing, sizzling hot chemistry?

This I’m-chasing-you-for-SIGN-but-why-you-kiss-me scene is the only beginning. It’s hilarious to see Myung-Wol acts like a crazy fan who only knows to say “SIGN!” for uncountable times while Kang-Woo surely knows how to escape. He probably uses this skills with reporters also.

The fighting scene is downright awesome with Myung-Wol showcasing her skills in the stolen dress. Kang-Woo just stands there, looking at the fight with an alarming look. And their eyes which bore into each other in between the fight…

I love the looks on both of Kang-Woo and Myung Wol’s faces. Their eyes are like saying, “I saved your life” and “I’m grateful to you”. Swoon~

The hiding scene! Again, it’s their eyes who are speaking on their behalf. My most favorite among my favorites. I’m probably intoxicated by their chemistry right now…

This is probably one of the funniest scene of both of them, where she breaks into his house but gets caught during her escape. Myung-Wol tries to escape by feigning her craziness. Kang-Woo shows his ‘kind oppa’ concern (which is beyond cute) while she acts out her craziness(also super cute). Kind of reminding me of Jo Anna back then.

Kang-Woo is surely feeling attached to Myung-Wol already because he keeps reminiscing about the moment when he found out about her trying to escape from his house and saved her. Please get together soon!

And the moment of Myung-Wol’s confession and Kang-Woo’s acting in front of In-Ah totally kills me for good. But look at those Kang-Woo’s eyes. rawr.

Honestly, she is cute, but Joo In-Ah has the potential of being a bit bitchy in the coming episodes. She seems to be so obsessed with Kang-Woo (that’s not a synonym of love, right?) and goes to the extent of asking him to marry her. She’s pretty confident with her position as an actress and the sole heiress to Galaxy Hotel. I’m praying that she will not make me hate her so much.

It’s better if she falls for Choi Ryu. Hehe. Second lead syndrome is returning to me!

Choi Ryu, the mastermind behind the ‘Marry Kang-Woo’ mission. He is a strict officer but still has softspot for his junior, Myung-Wol. I’m looking forward to what he will do when he actually realizes how much he cares about her, at the time when she is already falling head over heels with Kang-Woo. What will you do, dear handsome Choi Ryu?

I’m curious, why the spies should be bad-ass and hot at the same time?

The people from the North, especially the officers, are the source of everything that happens and going to happen, particularly because one of the officers’ daughter is a die-hard fan of Kang-Woo. As the North is also in dire need of an entertainer like him, and to cover up the mistakes when the said officer sends her daughter under Myung-Wol’s surveillance, the ‘Marry Kang-Woo’ mission suddenly appears.

It is quite weird about the way they are communicating with the spies, which is through the radio and coded announcements (Shin Dang Dong Island and Bok Man grandma ROFL), because it is such an old-fashioned way. But then, some serious things can also turns into a funny one, such as “Myung-Wol goes there to kill Kang-Woo” gets changed to :Myung-Wol goes there to take photos of Kang-Woo” because of some silly announcer who changes the words, that lead to a dangerous outcome.

Looks like the North has a lot of spies swarming around the South. What will happen when three spies are together? I am looking forward for their newly formed family, which consists of Myung-Wol as the illegitimate daughter (LOL why) of Ri Ok-Soon (Yoo Ji-In), an undercover North spy residing in the South and Han Hee-Bok (Jo Hyung-Ki), another North spy residing in the South too since 1988 as her step father. Both mother and father might develop their real relationship later, I think.

Thank God it’s already Saturday. That means only two days to go for episode 3! I’m being impatient right here. Dear Monday, please come faster.  I need my Myung-Wol the Spy dose! I’m waiting patiently here. 🙂

Rant Out, Souls!

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