Producer: Real Life Versus Reel Life

My thoughts on another drama which concluded last month- this time we got to see the “real” behind the “reel” and vice versa.

One of the dramas with the most hype even before it began its run: The Producers was highly anticipated because of its use of real-life broadcasting channel KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) in South Korea as the setting in this fictional story, as well as referencing to real names of people, and then the horde of cameos right from the start. I especially like that KBS took the risk to experiment a new filming style for the drama- mockumentary as seen in the interviews of the various characters within the show.

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Dokko & Ae-Jung’s Reunion

Yup! I’m so excited to see them together in the latest edition  of Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine. This makes me realize that I do miss The Greatest Love so much. Too much until I can’t help but call them ‘Dokko’ and ‘Ae-Jung’. Oh, I miss both of you, Cha Seung-Won and Gong Hyo-Jin!

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The Greatest Love : The Greatest Moments

A random post, because I love this story. I’m so loving it until I’m willing to put my precious sleep hours away, and I prefer to draw some Dokko Jins and Pil-Joos in my notebook rather than jotting down what the lecturers are saying in the classes. Can’t do anything about it, just have to deal with it.

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Missing The Greatest Love…

Totally hooked, I was only watching it for avoiding any sign of sleepiness, and I ended up watching all the episodes. It gave me a good stomachache from all the laugh that I went through, thanks to Dokko Jin and his endless self-consciousness. Ah, not to forget, the ‘No One’ Oriental Doctor, with his endless expressions. Love him.

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