Jung Il Woo’s rebellious style

Looks like Jung Il-Woo is moving out of his identity as pretty and hot Scheduler, and begins to show his rebellious style in Instyle, July edition.

He could wear anything and it will look good on him..that’s Jung Il-Woo! 😀

Here’s a translation of the article:

“Jung Il-Woo is looking like James Dean in a photo collection.

In celebration of the 100th issue of fashion magazine In Style,  Jung Il-Woo carried out a photo shoot under the name ” Jung Il-Woo in the name of youth” and looked rebellious.

Jung Il-woo wore stylish denim pants and sleeveless shirts looking rather casual but fashionable.

Jung Il-woo’s photo collection can be seen in the July edition of In Style.”

trans : Hancinema

source : 1 2 3

Rant Out, Souls!

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