In Memories: 스케줄러님

I’m still dealing with my withdrawal from 49 Days, which is almost as hard as it was with Secret Garden. It’s not helping, with my friends who are watching it now, they make me want to re-watch it. Uh..I miss everyone, but mostly, I miss our bubbly Scheduler who used to light up my tiring Wednesdays and Thursdays. How do I live without you, Scheduler-nim?

I think I’ll miss him so much. Big time, like I missed Tae-Yoon back then, from My Fair Lady.




I miss him so much.



He’s a diligent Scheduler…

The one who carried out his duty without any hesitation..

..but with some whines in between..

The one who would escort the deceased’s soul to the elevator (and coolly opened the elevator door).

The bossy Scheduler (always saying “Follow Me!”)..

..who liked to give orders and instructions to his underlings..

..and haunting them off with his orders..

..but sadly, ended up being tortured by the person under him.

Then, he got cranky (and started throwing his cute fit)..



He pretended like he didn’t (and couldn’t) care at all,

..but he did care, after all. (You softie man!)

He’s there when he’s not called..

…but he’s not there when he’s called..

Yet, he’s (pretty) good listener.

but he’s allergic to any contact..

“We cannot be like this!” He said.

He acted like he had no interest in women..

He said : “Women nowadays are scary!”

“They always want more!”

but whenever he wanted, he could be a heart breaker to all women. Like this.



He’s fun to be with..

..he loved to tease people..

..a little pervert inside..

..had a unique fashion taste..

..and a high fashion taste..

A little protective..

or..over protective?

And he loved to show his sweet smile..



But sometimes, his mood couldn’t be foreseen..

He could be like a mother, nagging all day..

..and night..

and another night..

But it’s all because just like a mother,

who worried over the child,

he’s did felt worried,

and care about others, actually.



He’s easily pissed off at times..

“You’re dead meat if you hurt her!”

It’s better to leave him alone with his honey, the guitar..

And he’d be fine, really.



There’d be times when he’s too immersed in his own feelings..

Mind you, he’s pretty emotional too (because of his early death)

And he could cry rivers too.

He did cried a lot. sad.. 😥



He loved listening to music..

..while sunbathing..

He had many talents..

The true Master of Disguise..

Not once,

or twice..

not even thrice, but more than that.

He’s an excellent stalker.

or maybe, not all the time..



Anyhow, I miss everything about him:

his whines

his childish reactions

his words (and nagging)

his craziness

his mistakes

his nervousness

his reluctance

his phone addiction

and also, his ‘I’m a sunbae now!’ attitude.




No matter where you are right now, Scheduler-nim,

I know you’d be fine

because you’re one amazing Scheduler! :’)

13 thoughts on “In Memories: 스케줄러님

  1. I love this blog post on Sceduler! He is one of the character that I truly like in this drama! Miss him so much (:

  2. this is awesome!!! i’m having my withdrawal symptoms too 😦 i miss my weekly dose of scheduler 😦

  3. sorry ever since 49 days took over me iv been obbsessed with him (well not litterally lol!) but it was like your beautiful all over again or playful kiss!

  4. sooooooo LOVE~! i love this post so much! 🙂 what a brilliant screencaps~! 😀 if i will have time, i will make just like this… thank you for making this great idea!

  5. WOW!! I love this post. I do miss him so much that’s why I keep watching 49 days on DVD…. I want him as my Scheduler when I die… Haha

  6. wooooooooooow very nice and so cute he have a beautiful face with a wonderful eyes i think he always live in my heart ^^ saranghae oppa

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