An Appreciation Post : To Jung Il-Woo

The good things that happened to me today: I got to live, eat, and sleep, and most importantly, I’m able to watch ep 13 of 49 Days 😀  Life’s getting pretty hard  on me lately, and thanks to 49 Days, I’m able to escape from the reality, even for a short time. Thinking about how I come to watch 49 Days, it’s all because of..

This is not Yi-Soo or any form of Scheduler’s disguise, don’t worry and be rest assured. This is Tae-Yoon, from My Fair Lady. Because of him, I get to know a person with the name Jung Il-Woo, and because of Jung Il-Woo, I encountered 49 Days, which is something that I’ll always be grateful for.

It’s funny how I come to like Jung Il-Woo: just because of his smile (and he’s always smiling in My Fair Lady) and his amazing chemistry with Moon Chae-Won. I was shipping them really hard, and thank God, they were an item at the end of the drama (presumably from the way he treated her 😉 ). I secretly wished that they would be doing a drama together, or at least, they’ll act again in any drama.

I was waiting, waiting, and waiting for the whole year of 2010, but he didn’t do any drama. So when he’ confirmed to star in 49 Days, I was so thrilled, and started to do background reading, i.e. reading synopsis, searching for casts and any news, etc. (It was pretty weird of me to give my all for a drama =.=”) and from just liking him alone, I ended up liking the entire casts, even the people on the bad side (I love Bae Soo-Bin and pretty Seo Ji-Hye as much as I adore Lee Yo-Won and Jo Hyun-Jae and Nam Gyu- Ri~).

Right now, I only watch 49 Days and stay updated with it every single free time that I got. It’s pretty unhealthy to be so attached to a drama (I know, I KNOW!), but it makes me thinking about many things and that’s why, it has become so close to me. If I were to be asked about a drama that I couldn’t forget, I’d totally say 49 Days. Thinking about how it’ll end soon…I really have to find something to fill in my time (Baby-faced Beauty crawling up the list right now^^;). That’s why, right now, I’m feeling so thankful to the one and only Jung Il-Woo. Thank you so much for being the reason for me to watch this show. It’s really great~





3 thoughts on “An Appreciation Post : To Jung Il-Woo

  1. Girl, I feel the same. Not just about the drama, but about evething (feeling about life and others things). This drama is a gift to me and your post too. Thanhs for. I love your post and your blog.

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