49 Days Episodes 13 & 14 : through Actions and Words

Honestly, these are the episodes that I couldn’t understand most of the gists presented when I watched it without subs for the first time. I’m neither a native speaker of Korean nor undergo formal education of Korean language, and these episodes have a lot of dialogs (and by a lot, I really mean it) so I have to watch them twice each episode. For me, they need extra attention as I’m someone who’s so particular about little details. Sue me, but what can I do. It’s quite tiring (with less flashback scenes..owww) but some scenes and characters never fail to make me squealing, laughing, screaming, clapping my hands, gasping, and finally, makes me really want to hold some of the characters and shake them into reality. Even my reactions are too dramatic.

a friendly advice from me : for those who haven’t watch ep 13, get ready to be distracted and annoyed, not because of the characters, but something else. Just be prepared, because that thing really bugs me and block my vision. Gaah~

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